Alkashard Combination Bug (V30). 1k Shards for old 10k Rewards (Working As Intended, Staff Response #24)

Yes @Dorkus, it is a bit of a mess but to me it seems that:

  • OP had at least 5000 alkashards
    “I just did this 5 times and got 250 emblems”
  • He got to choose 5 times the 50 emblems rewards
    “and got 250 emblems”

However @Saanzi said that “The first rewards are unchanged on purpose.”
If @anhducpro1 picked 5 times the v29 rewards instead of v29 x1 and v30 x4 then I think that something about the rollout were bugged and that the Alkashard’s combination cost were changed first and that the v30 rewards were changed later.

OP replied a few posts up that they never actually converted any alkashards and “just wanted to exaggerate a little to get the word out”


Thanks for pointing that out @Disposable, I’ve added that to the top post to help reduce some of the confusion.


In v29 the “combine” button was grayed out until you reached the threshold of 10k alkashards, so I’m guessing OP had not only >5k alkashards, but >10k alkashards and was thus able to preview what that loot would be.

I had <10k alkashards and could not preview in v29.


I actually missed that!

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@anhducpro1 Can you clarify how many shards you had as of v29?

Any others out there fall into these categories and can confirm this is how it works?:
1a) >10k shards and previewed “combined” loot in v29 but did not buy = one-time 50 emblem loot for 1k shards in v30??
1b) >10k shards and did not preview “combined” loot in v29 = 10 emblem loot for 1k shards (i.e. v30 loot)?
2) <10k shards = could not preview combined loot in v29 = 10 emblem loot for 1k shards in v30. (self confirmed)

I’m guessing 1b would be rare but that would be the persons that got totally hosed. those of us in category 2 possibly just wasted time and some gems (due to lower gem cost for AL9/10). I’m kind of shocked in addition to the ham/iron/item resources refunded for in progress transmutations that the gem difference between old and new isn’t refunded also.

So the OP didn‘t actually combine it 5x but only did it once. His exagerration lead to confusion here because according to my own experience if he were to combine the next 4000 shards (4x 1000) he would not get the v29 rewards but would have a choice between v30 rewards.

My experience :

  1. had 3900 shards in V29 a few queued and 3 ongoing transmutations.

  2. I updated to v30.

  3. I got 2 messages (with claim buttons) in my inbox, one were the 3 ongoing transmutations got instant finished ( additional 1175 shards + the mats that got created). The second message contained all the gems,food bundles and mats that I had in queued transmutation in v29.

  4. so there I was with a total of 5075 shards in V30, where I went on to combine them.

  • 1st 1000 shards in v30: the game showed me the rewards that you previously get in v29 (choosen between 1x guaranteed 4*, 30x battle item, 50 emblems) same type of rewards as the screesnhot of the OP showed

  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th x 1000 shard combination in v30 : I was now in the v30 reward tier, emblems were down to 10x and no more guaranteed 4* mat among my options.

I hope this helps :blush:


gg OP

20 ways to spice up the forum :upside_down_face:


it does help!

so basically, you didn’t have more than 10k shards so you could preview the rewards. i had 3k shards, also couldn’t preview them.

same as you i updated to v30, ongoing transmutation finished.
when i tried my first transmutation with v30 i got offered v30 reward tier (10 emblems, 3* mats etc). same with all 3x i tried the transmutation. so basically, there seems to be no rule who gets the v29 first tier reward or not.

this was also the first time ever i did the transmutation with shards in general.


I fall into your category 2.

I had <10k shards in v29 so I couldn’t preview the transmutation rewards.

After updating to v30 I still got v29 rewards for my first 1000 shards.

What about this theory : My queued transmutation in v29 would have led to way over 10.000 shards if they would not have been cancelled due to to v30 update. I think I read earlier something that the game generates your rewards already before you actually have the 10.000 shards.
So maybe my rewards were already generated since the total of my queued transmutations would have generated those 10.000 shards at some point.

(in v29) To sum up, The moment your queued and/or ongoing transmuations would mathematically reach 10.000 shards thats when the game generates your rewards.

After update to v30:

  • 1000 shards in v29 won’t get v29 rewards in v30.

  • 1000 shards in v29 and queued transmutation worth a total of 8000 shards won’t get v29 rewards in v30.

-1000 shards in v29 and queued transmutation worth 10.000+ shards WILL get for his first 1000 shards combination in v30 STILL the v29 rewards since those are the rewards the game generated for him already earlier.


I fall in category 1a and can confirm 2 as well.
Only after accumulating 10k shards it was possible to see the rewards for the transmutation. This screen was transferred to V30 unchanged but the reduced 1k shard costs.

It might be intended to work that way?! Maybe because you already knew what you get before the update?
However, i am still undecided, if there is an unfair advantage in it or not. :thinking:

that makes sense. i wouldn’t cross the threshold with queued transmutations. at least the mistery is solved in my mind.

so long extra 40 emblems i guess. still the lack of communiction from SG sucks. either they knew and it was handled incompetently, maliciously (they wanted to prevent players queueing on purpose), or they had no idea and they are trying to mask it as “generosity”.

either way its repulsive.

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Wow. Really interesting. I would’ve set my queue up to make 10k alkashards then if I had known…

Thank you for breaking it down and positing that theory. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely we’ll be able to test it, since people would have to be aware of and reliably report at least:

  • The number of Alkashard they have at the moment they update to V30,
  • The number of Alkashards they would gain from queued transmutations at the moment they update to V30,
  • Their proposed but unclaimed rewards in V29, if applicable (I mean here that they combined 10k Alkashards, allowing them to preview the rewards but then did not ‘buy’ any of them),
  • And the first set of rewards they are allowed to preview upon combining in V30.

This is such a sorry excuse and explanation…

“It wouldn’t be fair if you were saving for a specific reward”

Yet you only get the option to exchange for that specific reward if you already had enough saved (+ queued)…

I was saving for a 4* amat. Now I suspect I will not get a discounted 4* mat if I go to exchange. But had I queued up a few more pre update I would be able to get the guaranteed mat at exchange?

As info, I collected about 1300 in mail when they shut down the lab and auto-comoleted my queue


Here’s how you fix this and save face…

Give all players old reward selection for the first 1000 shards exchanged when lab reopens


on the first press of combine button, you dont actually combine, you generate the rewards
after you choose, it you will actually combine and lose the shards

i think that if you did a combine before, you could actually have the next one pregenerated… i dont know… SG should clarify this…

@Boolz_San it was already confirmed, I really hoped you didn’t press the combine button at the end, sorry for that!

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contradicts this

the guy didnt even combine them… just saw that after the first press

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