Alkashard Combination Bug (V30). 1k Shards for old 10k Rewards (Working As Intended, Staff Response #24)

not yet. at work atm

edit: v30 not available yet

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Looks like you were wrong. Imagine that. Oh wait, not sure you can :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, thanks for the explanation, but it doesn’t seem to be working as you described.

I have never combined shards. And this doesn’t seem to be old rewards for first time combining.

Does it mean that the old rewards were indeed bugged (as OP stated he claimed previous reward 5 times) and it was fixed completely? Could you, or @Petri clarify this?

Does that mean @Rigs was right? :boom:


If i was right, i violated the ToS and could have my forum account go poof…

If i was wrong, then there was no exploit or informing others of an exploit so no violation occured

See how it goes

No one is right all the time

I’m fine with bein wrong

Surprised and impressed it was intended, but hey life is full of surprises…


This seems correct according to what the rewards are on version 30.

So if you had selected rewards on version 29 those will not change until you combine. After that, or in this case right away, you will see slightly adjusted rewards since it now takes only 1000 alkashards to combine.

I hope this explanation helps!


This isn’t makin sense

The OP paid 1k shards for 50 emblems
This guy is paying 1k shards for 10 emblems

And the OP had a 4* mat option
The latest poster does not

And this is intended?

Same amount of shards in both cases with different rewards…

Now if the OP was on v29 and paid 10k shards
Ok then your response makes perfect sense

But doesnt seem to be the case


I suppose it’s because the rewards are generated when you click combine (on shards), but then you shouldn’t claim the reward (by clicking combine on popup with rewards).

So to benefit from it you should combine on v.29, but not claim it. Then upgrade to v.30, combine and you’d have the same rewards generated by with 1k cost instead of 10k. So that’s why it should be working only once.

Obviously you would need 10k shards to begin with… Well, it’s weird anyway


Thanks for clearing that up

Be sure to keep this hush hush btw or your forum account is up for removal from my understanding…

Yw, but that’s the way I understood it - it doesn’t go well with OP telling he got 250 emblems tho. It might be indeed bugged at the beginning.

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Yep same happened to me. I had 2400 shards, when i combined with the updated version i received new rewards.

I think it wasnt generosity in question, it was probably just too much hassle to correct the rewards for everybody.

Im getting annoyed with this game and management more and more with each passing day. Its one thing to have a bad streak but another like the devs are trying to screw you over on each possible turn. Ar farming reduced. 8.7 hp monsters increased, titan shield item ruined, remove the free reroll, exorbitant waiting times ,loot tickets reduced, etc. Like the game was so easy before? Each new update brings more and more annoyance and a sense of unfairness. Shame, but it seems devs are against players basically.

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Yes the reward is according to where it was generated and it’s not changed by the update. You are doing a better job explaining it than me, thank you :sweat_smile:


Wish the OP
@anhducpro1 would clear up a few of his details

Did he generate those rewards in v29 or v30

Did he have 10k shards in v29

What did he mean by 5x…


Right now it sounds like if you generate the rewards in v29 but don’t claim until v30 then you get the same rewards at a steep discount whereas if you generate the rewards in v30 and combine then you don’t get the v29 reward system for 1k shards like a select few are that stumbled upon this before updating… and this is intended by design…

Maybe I’m misreading everything wrote here and should come back after more coffee…who knows…

Pretty well the same understanding I got…

Not sure on what the op had; I split the topic out of another thread so stuff may be muddled/ lost along the way.

Maybe when the OP said “5 times” they mean that they went to combine it 5 times rather than they actually followed thru and completed 5x combinations…?

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ha ha, looks like everyone is wrong, and even staff is incapable of explaining it clearly until a forum member clears things out. This is so ridiculous!

yea I didn’t actually do this 5 times, I didn’t even do this once because I don’t want to exploit this “bug” and then suffer later on. Still have 5,000 shards sitting in my inventory. I’d imagine I would have got 5x50 emblems if I did it 5 times. Just wanted to exaggerate a little to get the word out fast to the dev.

Good to know that it’s intended. Now I can combine my shards. Thanks.


So op didn’t have 10000 shards and still got the old rewards.
Also, why didnt sg warn us to pick up old rewards via popup (god knows they’re obsessed with those ) if they’re feeling so generous?

Im certain this was unintended or meant go be hush as to minimise the damage from the process of migration to a new AL.

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No clue…just gonna come back and read it all later to see if maybe it’s just too early in the mornin for all this to make any sense. Seems there’s some kinda contradiction goin on between the op experience, the devs statement, and whether this applies to all players with any alkashards or only an x amount, if it’s meant to be known to all or just those that accidentally figure it out etc etc

All left for me to say right now is…

Golf clap…

So, I have never combined shards at all. I have actually never fully leveled AL, so only get 18 alkashards at a time, lol. Before v30 went live, I only had 2000 alkashards. What I am wondering about OP is if he ever had combined in v29?

My thought is that if you had combined in v29, the first combine in v30 would give you the old rewards. Since I have never combined anything in v29, I got the new rewards?

Does that even make sense? lol Just throwing it out there.

This is a mess. I still am slightly unclear how @anhducpro1 generated the v29 rewards for 1000 alkashards. It looks like they had >10k alkashards to begin with, previewed the option in v29 by clicking “combine” but did not actually spend the alkashards to execute the transaction in v29. Then update to v30 and the very first one is the same as previewed in v29 with the new 1000 alkashard cost. Correct?

But this kind of stuff has to go in release notes and beta information well ahead of time if it is going to be an irreversible change which generates a 10x bonus for some players and not for others. I rushed alchemy level 10 when beta looked like it was going to be a 2-for-1 exchange ratio on 4*AMs and then ground it to a halt when it was 1-for-1 again with lower gem cost. Now my alkashards are not combining into v29 rewards, they look like the v30 rewards. I might’ve kept going for the extra 50 gems a pop if I knew this first transmutation would be 10x better if I had hit 10k shards. This issue combined with beta boardgate and also telling players balance changes are coming at a certain date and then overnight accelerating that in the middle of a raid tournament…it all has an effect on player’s trust level with SGG.


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