Alkashard Combination Bug (V30). 1k Shards for old 10k Rewards (Working As Intended, Staff Response #24)

that makes sense. i wouldn’t cross the threshold with queued transmutations. at least the mistery is solved in my mind.

so long extra 40 emblems i guess. still the lack of communiction from SG sucks. either they knew and it was handled incompetently, maliciously (they wanted to prevent players queueing on purpose), or they had no idea and they are trying to mask it as “generosity”.

either way its repulsive.

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Wow. Really interesting. I would’ve set my queue up to make 10k alkashards then if I had known…

Thank you for breaking it down and positing that theory. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely we’ll be able to test it, since people would have to be aware of and reliably report at least:

  • The number of Alkashard they have at the moment they update to V30,
  • The number of Alkashards they would gain from queued transmutations at the moment they update to V30,
  • Their proposed but unclaimed rewards in V29, if applicable (I mean here that they combined 10k Alkashards, allowing them to preview the rewards but then did not ‘buy’ any of them),
  • And the first set of rewards they are allowed to preview upon combining in V30.

This is such a sorry excuse and explanation…

“It wouldn’t be fair if you were saving for a specific reward”

Yet you only get the option to exchange for that specific reward if you already had enough saved (+ queued)…

I was saving for a 4* amat. Now I suspect I will not get a discounted 4* mat if I go to exchange. But had I queued up a few more pre update I would be able to get the guaranteed mat at exchange?

As info, I collected about 1300 in mail when they shut down the lab and auto-comoleted my queue


Here’s how you fix this and save face…

Give all players old reward selection for the first 1000 shards exchanged when lab reopens


on the first press of combine button, you dont actually combine, you generate the rewards
after you choose, it you will actually combine and lose the shards

i think that if you did a combine before, you could actually have the next one pregenerated… i dont know… SG should clarify this…

@Boolz_San it was already confirmed, I really hoped you didn’t press the combine button at the end, sorry for that!

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contradicts this

the guy didnt even combine them… just saw that after the first press

thats an old video; think I was the first to combine 10k shards in the game (at least the first to video it)

dont know if i go with 7k shards now, queue 3k in AL
and update and i have 10k in v30 if the first combine is an old rewards one or not… ???

then how did the OP had 10k rewards with only 5k shards? he surely couldnt have generated the rewards (press the first combine)

or that pic isnt his?

I had 8k shards, updated to v.30 and I got rewards for v.30 (10 emblems, 5 5* battle items etc). You’d need to hit 10k on v.29, combine (but not claim the reward), then update to v.30 and your first combine for 1k would give you the same rewards you saw at v.29.

OP stated he did it 5 times but he didn’t after all. And it is possible it was really bugged at the beginning (and they didn’t admit it), or he had more than 10k shards, or it’s not his pic. Nobody else confirmed either of these so who knows…

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so you didnt have 10k… even after v30 gave you the shards after locking your AL

looks like is a bust for me…
at least i know i can stash them there and claim them instantly, guess it works

I had nothing in AL when I updated so I didn’t get any extra shards. You’ll get extra shards only if you have some unfinished transmutations in AL (or at least how I understood it)

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its a awkward situation nevertheless…
at least i’ll get 100 embs instead of 50 (40 less than the OP :rofl:) overall

edit: lol, overall actually i wasted 9k shards actually with my first combine… why did they do AL if is was so “telluria like” broken… o.f.f. god

but look at all this ham sitting in tc11… that i cant use to exploit this AL block and get shards… cause this wasnt thought thoroughly before… :poop:

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So the part i’m missing is OP didn’t have 10k …

Could you press the combine button without having 10k shards in v29 or was it greyed out? Obviously transaction wouldn’t be possible but just having pressed the combine button could’ve generated the rewards. Next screen asks you to choose a reward and trade 10k but you don’t have 10k so you have to back out.

So regardless of shard balance if at any point before v30 you pressed the combine button but didn’t make the exchange (likely because you didn’t have 10k shards required to complete the transaction) then the first time you combine on v30 you get the old goods at the new price…is that what we’re saying?

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im confused as well…

seems like OP threw the bait for SG… and guess what? it was bitten! :rofl:

no, in V29 you couldn’t hit combine below 10,000…

I was at 6,930 and got 6 times the new / reduced rewards only.

How long is this crappy maintenance brake of the lab?

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Hi, we are expecting to force the update on Monday.


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