Alita: Battle Angel has a 4* ascension mat


Anyone seen it yet?

Once you watch this movie you’ll think to yourself:

Oh so that’s what Damascus Blades are for


On another note, was a good movie

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It’s like a cross between Elysium, Mad Max Fury Road and Sin City. Maybe Blade Runner too.

I quite liked it too but it was a bit violent for my liking :joy:

After seeing the title and cover I thought whata **** movie but apparently it was pretty good. And the Dblade hits pretty hard😁

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I’m looking forward to Watching it. I really enjoy the high tech movies. :nerd_face:
Sweet little Alita kickin the s@#* out of overpowered a holes.

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  1. the characters were teenagers and therefore are rather naive… found that a bit annoying.
  2. the body count… I really like that the movie actually killed people off, and on-screen too! none of this “everyone lives or it happens off screen and we talk about it”. (the only off-screen death by the way was of a demographic that typically always survives to the end in movies nowadays)
  3. As soon as they called it a Damascus Blade I immediately thought of this game.
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That was my first thought too about the blade. Enjoyed the movie. Thought the 3d was very good.

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