Alignment of Similar Buffs/Curses

I’d say, there would be a great improvement if similar buffs/curses would have a small alignment.
I mean, if you use Alberich and Tell or Justice and Joon, etc. they have the same buffs/curses with different duration. Joon has a curse of -40% accuracy for 6 turns, Justice but only for 4 turns. Tell have a regeneration of 274/2 turns, Alberich but 612/4.
People, they have less 5* heroes may not have the ability to replace one of these (or other) heroes with an equivalent one.

Therefore I kindly ask S&G to adjust these features, lover/fewer features shall not override higher/better features.

Yes, I know, the player shall be aware of his team’s abilities, but you may have conditions where the best decision cannot be achieved. By fights running against the time, you do fast actions. By fights, where the hero with lover/fewer features going to be activated later than the one with the better features, you will not wait to use him only when the other (better) hero is charged again.

I think everybody will confirm if this feature would be implemented all of the players would have the advantage of it.

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