Alice skill

Does anyone know the conditions of status effect reset?

For example turns will reset with the heal skill, And how about hit and heal skill?

Anything which heals the target.

Includes Direct Heal, Heal over Time, Elemental Link Heal, Heal damage dealt, Health Steal etc…


Take note this also applies to White Rabbit too as he has the defense down version of this skill.


Can it be overridden by other skills?

I don’t think so… It has a different symbol to the other attack up/down… Could be wrong tho. Haven’t taken my Alice on too many raids… Can go and experiment


Took Alice but both she and zimkitty died before I could test :stuck_out_tongue: did target someone with White Rabbit so could test with Aegir (as WR does the same thing but to defence).

Short notes, WR and Alices skills are undispellable so cannot be overwritten by the inverse buff (attack or defence up).

Screenshot after WR fired:

Screenshot after I used Aegirs skill.

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@Guvnor Thank you for testing it out. :grin::+1:

It’s all good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I won the raid so that’s all that matters haha

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