Alice or Fenrir..which one ascend next? Help with emblems also XD

Hi guys!
In this Easter day i decided to do one 10x and…Alice showed up!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
I was going to level up Fenrir…but what to do now?
Ascending the wolf or going with Alice? I have only 6 scopes and the following blue heroes maxed: Frida, Ariel, Misandra(12).
In the case i should go with Alice, would you move the emblems from Khiona to her?
Is she good in defense team…and in which position?

for a blue stack alice seems better due to def down. unless you like playing with grimm.

I’d go with Alice…wait, I did.

For the emblems? keep on khiona or move eventually?

she is rogue, so good sniper for wing, preferably right wing. I like my alice, very useful for attack and have her also here and there on my defense. Strong hero… I do not have fenrir, but if I were in a position to select, I would chose her.

I’m trying to decided this very thing right now. On top of that I’m wondering if I should maybe ascend Clarissa or Domitia? And between the two sets should I ascend the Blue or the Purple? I am making sure everything is even and I just finished Kingston leaving me with 4 Legendary Heroes of each color. So I am starting on my 5th to complete my mono teams of every color. Just wondering which color to start with. Thank you ahead of time for taking the time to read this. Very much appreciated.

Best healer vs a niche hitter…unless you already have Ariel.

Do you have the Dom costume?

I do not have Ariel unfortunately. Not for a lack of spending though. I have tried so many times to get Ariel. She just doesn’t like me for some reason. I also do not have the Dom costume. Costumes do not like me as well. I only have the Isarnia costume but I don’t have isarnia leveled at all. Not that it has any relevance to this topic anyway. :slight_smile:

Sigh…I read Alice as Ariel…sorry.

That said, do you have emblems for one and not the other? All things being equal, Alice is a full on sniper and if she doesn’t kill then -44% attack is nice too. Fenrir you will find will leave you wanting at times…much the way I do with Kage. Can’t hit the hero I want to so I am forced to hit another.

Clarissa is VF…she may not be super impressive but speed kills.

How about now, when Fenrir has been buffed? I still lean on maxing Alice simply because she’s fun. That smirk :smiley:

I have Alice maxed and never regret it one day and use her often.
Don’t have Fenrir so can’t help ya on that choice.

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Fenrir buff was only 20% of special damage. It doesnt seem to be determinating… and the increased damage when enemy has less than 50% seems redudant. Was there a hero below 50% that fenrir couldnt kill? :thinking:

Don’t forget that there are many hero’s that buff defense against specials. That additional buff can help bypass on those cases.

I have both maxed. Alice +20 (full attack and mana path) and Fenrir +2 that i will go full attack (Poseidon is at +20 where all my fighter emblems are). I have ALice on wing in defense and use all the time in War and some raids. But when i run 3-2 blue and something, i run Ariel, Alassie (+15), and Fenrir. I find that you can kill plus 20 anyone easy with a sniper and fenrir. So it depends on what you need.

If you need a sniper or attack down go Alice. If you need a secondary finisher or high attack stat, go Fenrir. With his buff to 640% under 50% health, that will be killer.

Also, i rarely use Khiona anymore so to get Alice to +20 a few months back, I reset her and took the emblems. I now have my extra on Frigg and Marjana…

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