Aliance Wars | Matchmaking Problems.... in Kiril's name fix this already!

Well, since there’s never a difference of more than 3 in the number of members going to war …

… the larger team has 17 to 23 more members ineligible or opted out of war …

… which means that the trophies were earned by, among others, at least 17 members not going to war …

… and that the “4 times more members” includes, among others, at least 17 members not going to war …

No cause for complaint, as far as I can see.


i don’t get it. i find the matchmaking perfect now. We lose some and win some.
Before we lost every match. Congrats SG, finally it’s working like it should.


Before the latest update, we had lost 7 in a row, by margins of 500-1500 points, despite using 90% or more of our flags.
Since the update, we have won all but one, and the margins have been generally +/- 200 points with the same level of participation. That’s a big improvement as far as I am concerned.
Our next opponent appears a little stronger than us on paper, but our war scores are very close. I expect this will be a tough match, but I don’t think it’s a bad match.

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I have two accounts and both alliance have had problems.

Newer one has had very long losing strike, but that was already there before update. We are constanly facing stronger opponents base on their war defence teams. We have won maybe 3 wars in last 10. That alliance isn’t so organized yet, so that can be problem.

Other alliance is very organized and we didn’t have matchmaking problems before. We lose some and won some with little point difference. After update we have had couple very easy wars, which we won over 1000 points and one, which we lost over 1000 points. That didn’t happen many times before update. So it seems that we get opponents from little wider range than before. Not sure its’s true, but I like those wars more, where point difference isn’t that huge. Win or lose.

As I understand now, if we are 6 active members, the machmaking would put us in front of only 6 players who have had a war score similar to us 6?
or to how many and with what conditioner could we match?
I ask in my little knowledge of the pairing mechanics that the app uses

Last I heard, the matchmaking allows a difference in member count of up to 3. Hence, if you bring 6 members to war, your opponent will bring from 3 to 9.

The other condition I know of, is that you can’t match with someone you’ve recently been matched with.

(And there’s an implicit condition in that everyone gets matched with a single opponent … or the next step might wind up with double bookings …)

With those conditions, you’ll get matched with some alliance with the “closest” war score remaining. You can see the war score in the popup from alliance score; it is determined by the “power” score of the best 30 heroes, with extra weight to the best 5, plus a “power” score of the best troop of each element, all calculated for each member going to war, summed, and finally modified by the alliance’s recent war history: The more wins, the higher the score.

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Closing this old topic. Please focus all discussion on war matching here: Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response)

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