I’ve had the most miserable boards for raids and Titans lately. You want people to keep playing, fix it! Your algorithms are terrible! Anytime I stack colors, mysteriously no tiles of that color appear! Quit being greedy, and start rewarding dedicated players; if, with nothing else, the satisfaction of a decent board!


There have been a nunber of posts, regularly, regarding this.

It is random and no they’re not rigged.

You will need to collect data before assuming the algorithm is broken. With data collecting you will need to collect at least a minimum of 100 starting boards, etc.

Refer to the following posts:

For help on data collecting:

Theee are a multitude of others as well, a simole search of “data collecting” can put in the right direction.

@Garanwyn can also assist, he is our resident guru for all things stats, etc


I’ve been running exclusively mono since last Halloween and I don’t have any issues. Yes, some boards are bad. But few are so bad you can’t turn them for a good team. If your team is slow or isn’t well-coordinated with specials, it will be harder.


I’ve been running mono (Or 4-1 teams when I want to sneak in a healer) exclusively in raids/wars for the last 10 days-ish. While not as long as @Halifax , I have seen a significant increase in wins. Yes, some boards are not user-friendly, but I can normally manipulate the gems to clear the board and get the color I need.

I confess, I did have to start looking at matches a little differently than with a rainbow or small-stack team. But with a little practice it gets easier.


Welcome to the monoverse, LadySuzanne.


The stop light at 395 and 7th stops me every day. It even changes when there are no cars on the side street. I know it’s rigged. And don’t even get me started on the coffee machine cups with playing cards on them.


What about changing lanes on the highway to the lane that is zipping by, only to come to a stop as the lane you were in starts zipping by? It’s a conspiracy!!!

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And why is it that I am the one who has to replace the toilet paper. My wife uses way more than me. Odds are she should be doing it more but nooooo. Everything is rigged against me!


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Speaking of the toilet! Why do WE have to put the seat down?? Why don’t they have to put the seat UP???

P.S Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways?

Wrlcome to the forum @Tishina.
I flagged your post because you havr sensitive information there.
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Hi Rfm!

Sorry, if I do something wrong. I didn’t find where I can report from bug. I’m just player so I haven’t access to bug-tracking to report this issue.

Can you help my to find where may can report of this issue?

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Ok! System grand permission for topic-creation.

I delete information from this topic.
Have a nice day/night!

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@Tishina Sorry for the delay.
You just did wrong posting your account information someone can use it to arm you, i just flagged it for your safety not that you violated any rule.

Heres the link how you can contact support.

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Right tbf the last week or 2 everyone is complaining about boards being worse. I am winning alot of defence battles, which doesnt happen often. However, bad boards are remembered more than good. What I suggest is you record every raid you do with a screen shot saying win or lose. You will see that you still are winning more than losing. Try it

Cool! Thanks for your help!

P.s. delay - it’s ok. I think everyone have a lot of deals and a little bit free time to answer, so it take time :slight_smile:

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