Algorithm for missed war flag cost / no attacks cost

Is there an algorithm to find out what 1 member of not attacking at all costs to alliance - and 4-3-2-1 attacks missed?

Lets take alliance with 100000 points
Lets say usually alliance nets 3000 points in war then - no attacks in itself -100 points
BUT if that person would be out of the matcmaking you would get an easier opponent or one less member in enemy allience - so it is additional -100 points

Single unused flag should cost 5 points minimum if you just dont have a developed team for it but it is possible to attack with unleveled monochome team - this nets usually at least 5 points.

So 40 unused flags approximate 1 member who did no attacks.

an alliance has like 1500 points - give or take.

those 1.5k points are distributed among the members that participate in war based on the overall hp of every member defense team. (example: if you put as defense team a low hp you will have less points. that point difference goes to all you other colleagues, but total is the same)

number of flags must be the same and overall hp/points fairly the same.

so you wont get weaker ot stronger alliance as an advnatage if you optout a member. you get an equal alliance opponent as per overall hp and score.

that’s what i think. aint a dev :slight_smile:

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