[Algebra, Math, Stubborn] WE flask leveling or Max troops & heroes



[Algebra, Math, Stubborn] World energy flask leveling or maximum troops & heroes

If you are close to leveling, you have a dilemma, wait until your free energy refills and possibly screw up ( current titan is dead, forget to empty your alliance energy, forget to empty your raid energy, etc.) or use a world energy flask and lose a lot of world energy (example: refill a 28 WE bar to spend 6 world energy in province 8 stage 7 for 1,634 XP)

Dev Solution
Just give us one of each energy flask when we level.
Allow our energy bar to exceed it’s maximum when using a full refill then give us +3 alliance energy, +6 raid energy, and +X world energy when we level. Example: a full raid energy bar 6/6 would become 12/6 when you leveled and you would gain no new raid energy until you reduced it to at least 5/6.

Solution requiring the internet and Algebra.
Calculate how much XP per stage per world energy flask you need.

You currently get 28 WE per flask,
You can get 9 stages at 3 WE (27 WE) per flask
You need 1128 XP,
so 125.33 XP per stage per flask

Using the internet, find the two provinces close to your XP need for per stage per flask. Then find the highest stage with 4 waves in that province (Note 1)

Province 2, stage 4 is 4 waves (maximum chance at troops and heroes) for 112 XP (less than 125)
Province 3, stage 4 is 4 waves (maximum chance at troops and heroes) for 177 XP (more than 125)

Figure out how short you will be if you just do the lower XP provinces only.

All 2.4 is 112 x9 = 1008 XP which is 120 XP short of 1128 XP needed to level

Figure out the XP difference between provinces


177 XP (at 3.4) - 112 XP (at 2.4)= 65 XP difference

Figure out how many stages at the difference to make up your shortage at the lower level

120 XP short divided by 65 XP means 2 stages in the higher province or:
3 world energy spent x2 at 3.4 = 177 XP x2= 354 XP
3 world energy spent x7 at 2.4 = 112 XP x7= 784 XP
= 1138 XP from one world energy flask

Replace the last stage in the above with province 8 stage 7.

3 world energy spent x2 at 3.4
3 world energy spent x6 at 2.4
= 1026 XP (short 102 XP to level)

DO NOT FORGET to empty your alliance energy and raid energy here

3 world energy spend x1 at 8.7
= 817 XP + 1026 XP= 1843 XP enough for leveling and free energy refills

this maximizes waves, which increases your chance of heroes and troops

Using world energy flask for 28 world energy:

3 World energy spent x2 at 8.7= 8 waves and small chance of finding troops and heroes but fast (two stages versus nine stages)


3 world energy spent x2 at 3.4= 8 waves
3 world energy spent x6 at 2.4= 24 waves

DO NOT FORGET to empty your alliance energy and raid energy here

3 world energy spend x1 at 8.7= 4 waves
= 36 waves or x4.5 chance to find troops and heroes versus just using province 8 stage 7 but slow (nine stages versus two stages, all the Algebra to get to this point and you STILL have to use up your refilled alliance energy, raid energy and world energy before you can go to bed)

Note 1)



Simple but interesting use of loot tickets
[New Feature, Wiki] Loot tickets- how to activate, collecting, uses- save world energy- Updated 2018-May-29

I think that the current level up design adds a more interesting element to the game than simply giving the player a set of flasks. While I u Derek’s day that it can be frustrating if you accidentally hit your levelup and miss the extra flags, I enjoy the planning required to maximize the value of a levelup. I find that I anticipate and enjoy level ups more when I have to plan their timing, and I would not like that element to be removed just to make the game a bit easier.