Alfrike's Max Health Down & Kageburado's "More than % health remaining"

I was playing a while back and I noticed something that was not how I expected, and I wanted to know if it were intended behavior. I’m afraid I don’t have video, because I don’t normally record my matches, but I do remember basically what happened.

I was running my purple team (including Kageburado, Seshat, and recently Alfrike), and it seemed like the Max Health Down isn’t taken into account for Kageburado’s special (and, presumably, Ursena’s).

Now, normally, on a given target, Kageburado does slightly more damage to any given target than Seshat does when the target is above half health, and slightly more than half Seshat’s damage when they’re below that. Obviously, that’s inherent to the design of the characters.

…but things get weird when Alfrike (and, presumably, the new Max Health Down characters) enter the mix. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but I had an opponent with approximately 40% of their starting maximum health, and also had their maximum health decreased down to somewhere around 70%, definitely twice their current health. I specifically checked, and targeted that opponent because their current health was more than half their current max, and while there were others targets that were above 50% health, I did not expect to be able to kill them with that special.

…but instead of the target being killed by the doing the damage in the low-to-mid 400s like I was expecting, they easily survived the actual damage in the low 200s. The next round, I hit the same target with Seshat, and she did the expected 400ish damage, so it wasn’t just a case of the hero having way more defense than I expected. That implies that if Kage-san were treating the target as though they were below 50% health. Presumably this would effect Ursena, too

Thus, my question for the Devs is:

  • Is it intended behavior that Kageburado’s high damage/low damage determination is a function of starting health, rather than current maximum health?

If it is intended behavior (which I can understand, after all, it would otherwise kinda nerf an Alfirke/Fenrir combo), that’s fine, but there should be a few tweaks to reflect that:

  • Kageburado (& Ursena, & Fenrir) should have their card text changed to “[…] 50% of starting health remaining”
  • There needs to be some sort of clear and unambiguous indication of when an opponent is above or below that threshold; currently, if you examine the info of the opponent, it will say something like 472/763 HP, which is more than 50%, without any indication that the staring HP was upwards of 1000.

I read something on this previously. THINK it was a reported Beta Bug but may have been a live game report.

Anyways point is I can’t find the thread currently but I have a recollection that the report was that it was “working as intended”.

Skills which are affected by the % of HP remaining are based on the starting HP (base card + troop modifier) NOT the boosted or reduced max HP.

This applies to a couple heroes including:

  • Snipers (kage & Fenrir)
  • DoA (costume Azlar)
  • Damage boost (Ranvir & Miki)

Plus more I’ve probably forgotten :stuck_out_tongue:

@Guvnor, I was wondering what is “DoA”. I tried searching but most of the results were for the word “doable” and the only results for “DoA” were from your posts.

I thing he means AoE.

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DoA = Damage over Area

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