Alfriken challenge

How’s everyone .
the other day they asked me on a live show about the best heroes of the game and as always my top rappers ALFRIKE, JABBERWOCK.

Discussion followed my question who could withstand the most alfriken attacks in one round and win the battle.
How much would be the maximum 1,2,3,4,5 ???

Upload your video with the team that you like the most in an assault against any team that has alfriken at the highest level in its formation.

It is not worth blocking the special power in any way, it can lower the level of attack or lack of precision.
the idea is to be able to receive as many attacks from alfriken and survive and win the battle.

What do you think I would say that at level 80 without talent network 2 at most or maximum 3 that impact the enemy team

the mockery is allowed since there is a possibility that the hero does not resist much

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I didn’t record it, but I did survive despite 2 attacks from him.

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