Alfrike vs Krampus

Krampus had activated his taunt. So I used Alfrike against him as taunt will direct A’s 5 cubes towards him. Krampus got hit 5 times and the violet emblem of A’s ailement was shown under him.
Then it was time for Krampus to hit his regular shot, and after that, the violet ailment disappeared, so Alfrike ailment was active just once. There was no cleanser in that team and it was a just regular raid.
I won dispite this but A’s ailment should not have been erased so soon.
I wonder if someone else has found the same problem.

Alfrikes mindless attack ailment only lasts a couple turns. My personal experience with Alfrike and BK / Krampus has been working the way expected.

Actually it lasts thrice. So if you have experienced it just a couple of times, you are missing one third turn.
It’s the first time I see this anomaly against Krampus. So I keep it in mind.

  1. Ask an alliance member to set up krampus in his defense.

  2. Play friendly fights and test it again

Is it 100% sure that no othee special ability was working? There are plenty of options:

  • alfrike was affected by malosi, therefore didnt even set her debuff at all whilst damage and life reduce worked.
  • an enemy poseidon was active and therefore alfrikes mana effect was blocked
  • enemy grazul, garnet or aeron have been active before.
  • an enemy francine was activated and her effect “cleanse each round for 4 rounds”

Alfrike is truly unreliable, even if I like her.
I just played against a team formed by Athena+Rana+Rigard+Azkar+Zocc.

Rana and Rigard were already dead.
I fired Alfrike against the remaining three and all of them got hit by the 5 cubes.
The battle continued and it was the last turn for A’s ailement to stay put. I was lucky enough to charge Alfrike again and her five cubes hit again the tree remaining ones. Zocc died, the oher two became heavily wounded.
Then Athena kept been under Alfrike ailment, but Azlar didn’t as if he had not been hit by Alfrike’s cubes at all the second time. I am sure that’s the case as his health went down because of the cube.
I won anyway because I managed to charge my other heroes and killed the almost dead ones.
I guess Alfrike weird behaviours are a compensation to the amount of damage she does with a good board of tiles?

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