Alfrike vs healers

Hi! Not sure if this is a bug in raids.
When an ennemy gets Alfrike’ ailment, they shoot a normal attack to one of his/her companions instead of his/her special attack.
But when It happens to Rigard, instead of sending a regular attack he hits with his special skill and therefore heals and dispell Alfrike’s ailment. At least It happened to me in a raid.
I don’t think it is fair that healers can attack with his special skill and the rest of ennemies can’t.
Either all ennemies attack with regular hits or with the special abilities. Rigard under Alfrike’s ailment should give a regular attack to his companions instead of healing them.
Or snipers and the rest of non healers ennemies should attack with their skills and not just a regular hit.
An other option is to make Alfrike slow instead of very low to balance this weakness against healers.

Rigard’s Cleric skill can resist mindless attack, I have to assume he resisted the ailment?



As @CarrotSupply has stated, emblemed Rigard has a Cleric talent that has manashield. This means that when Alfrike inflicted Mindless attack to Rigard and allies, either Rigard was spared with Alfrike’s cubes or that his Cleric talent kicked in resulting to non-affliction with the MA and thus able to cast his healing and cleanse.

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No. I am pretty sure that the shield didn’t apply because Rigard had the violet symbol of Alfrike’s ailment. If mana shield had been activated, the symbol wouldn’t stay put before been fully charged of mana.
Rigard was about to be charged. Alfrike hit him. There was no symbol of mana shield been activated. Alfrike symbol got stucked to him. Then he got fully charged. He attacked one of his companions as if it was a regular attack but the result was a healing and a dispell.

Well, as they say, the best evidence is a screenshot (or several screenshots on multiple instances and occasions clearly showing what needs to be shown). Try hunting for emblemed Rigard with your team with Alfrike in it. Do a video recorder, if possible. If not, several screenshots of the"bug" you have described.

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Ok, either the Rigards I fought today were in 4200+ cups teams or very easy to kill. But I fought a Melendor that didn’t behave as it should. I don’t know how to record a video from an app but I managed to make two screenshots. Between those two, Melendor hit my Ares instead of his own team with a regular attack. As you see , he has Alfrike’s ailment and no vine. (The shot was too fast to make a screenshot).

Mindless attack doesn’t affect “normal” slash attacks. It only executes in the place of the affected heroes specila skill.


Arggg! It’s true. Sorry about that. But still trying to catch a rebelious Rigard.

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I found one Rigard but he behaved as he should in a fight under Alfrike’s ailment.
So I’ll think I was unlucky and hope I am the only one that witness this strange experience.

Or that Rigard’s talent just kicked in nullifying Alfrike’s skill attempting to mess his mana. I would go that route since it is as designed, more logical and very reasonable.

Sorry if I sound ilogical and unreasonable. I opened this thread because I fought against a Rigard that activated his mana shield without his symbol beeing shown and under Alfrike’s ailment. I am pretty sure that is what I saw.
For the second Rigard, his shield didn’t show up, and therefore he didn’t activate his mana shield and didn’t heal nor dispell anything at all.
English language is not my mother tongue and it’s already hard to remember when its verbs repeat consonants. So english in-game jargon is way to much.
Plus I belong to a generation that grew up without mobiles. Fighting with a word corrector that tries to translate my english to another language is hard enough, so don’t expect me to know how to make videos AND play a game at the same time.

It’a alright. English is also not my native tongue. And most of us play this game not nerdy enough to record it as often as some players do. Nevertheless, maybe some Alfrike owners can confirm your experience. If no one does, then your experience may have been a unique one. Let us wait for others here to affirm or refute your claim.

Ok, today It happened again during the tournament. Rigard was under Alfrike’s ailment as well as Khiona. None of them had activated their class abilities when they were hit or after that.
Kionna hit Rigard with a slash attack but Rigard instead of hitting Khiona the same way, he cleansed Alfrike’s ailment for both of them. Shame I forgot about it. Otherwise I would not have used Alfrike against Rigard.
And no, I forgot to do screenshots again.
Another explanation could be that Rigard’s manashield becomes activated but his animation doesn’t work well and the drawing of his shield doesn’t show up when active against Alfrike.

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