Alfrike Special on one Hero/Boss remaining?

Am I reading her special correctly? Her cubes will do 1000% damage if there is only one Hero or Boss left?

No it’s 5 X 200% damage which is quite different to 1000% (ie a lot smaller) due to the way the damage calculation formula works

But yes in the sense that all cubes go to the 1 target


how come it’s different?

Damage calc is basically the below with a bit of random variance:

((attack x special%) / defence ) ^1.35 x100

So alfrike with 659 attack against imaginary target with 750 defence would be
5 lots of ((659x200%)/750))^1.35 x100 = 214
So 214*5 = 1070

If it was just a single attack with 1000% it would be
((659*1000%)/750))^1.35 x100 = 1880

So quite different in the end!


that makes a huge difference then. Thanks

Only thing, each cube reduces max health too so it’s very hard to not die when alone against her haha

Is that not including 20% hidden offense (and defense) buff to defense team ? Seems damage may even higher… :thinking:

Alfrike is just a beast. Good thing she’s very slow. Get on the bad side of her prity much game over.

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