📯 Alfrike – Season 3 Hero – 5* Dark/Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

That is interesting, problably?

But since the reduction is very low compared to a titan’s HP, I don’t think it really matters.

If it’s working… Imagining BK taking total 5 times 200%. Probably exploded trying to save other from meteor :joy::joy::joy::rofl:
That’s what we called SALVATION


He will get hit by 5 cubes and if he casts again he will hit an ally instead of taunt and attack buff.

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I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. The taunt doesn’t disappear until it is dispelled.

So he might take 5x 200% dmg + 5 health reduction (probably capping at 30%). Just a flesh wound!

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Note on Reduced HP

This is NOT a status effect so it cannot be cleansed (by say rigard) nor can it he healed.
This also means it cannot be BLOCKED by Grazul

The effect is permanent unless:

  1. You use a Health Booster (e.g. Heimdall or Kashhrek Costume).

  2. The battle ends (doesn’t carry over into a new war hit or a new titan flag).

So key takeaway is that the REDUCED HP is the inverse of Boosted HP.


Personally QoH would deal with it worse then bk. At least bk has a chance to minimise damage. QoH just takes 1000% damage and a health drop

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Well it’s 50% yet you never know.

Even BK have taunted and Jabberwock skill him = death. With 2 times 300% damage which around 900ish with undispelable poison.

So once again probably he will exploded (high chance) but once again he will save others or better chance he still survive.

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Both have disadvantage and Advantage itself. So I can’t compare. Cause Jabberwock did QOH a tickle even around 600ish (400 total with lost of minion) cause QOH have her special skill def buff.
But BK is also good. Eventhough bit of gambling.

Whoo boy! Imagine attacking a defense with her, and thinking you’re safe because she’s Very Slow… then she blasts you with her 5 Dark Cubes, and RNG punishes you by making EACH of your 5 team members get hit…



Is this special… a status ailment that can be blocked with Malosi? and cleaned with Rigard?

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True, i forgot how much Life a titan actually have :slight_smile:

I see her an update to a Boss Wolf, a good purple tank. But do not know, how to use her in offence.


Answered a couple posts above yours.


Well, she can be potentially good for titans. Assuming that hp reduction works as damage for titans, that’s over 1k damage, and all 5 cubes hit on one target - that’s 1000% damage, and the titan casts a mindless attack on itself. That’s even more damage, and wasted titan special.


It doesn’t. See my post above.


I read it, but missed the titan part. Thanks for that clarification.

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What if let’s say, Rigard with 1224 hp will hit by Alfrike once (effectively reducing his HP to 1000), then heal himself, and in full 1000 health his health will be boosted by Heimdall on 500.

Will he have 1000 max and 500+, or his max will be reverted to 1224 and 276 will be in second bar?

After Heimdall, Rigard would be at 1000 + 500 in that situation I believe. Heimdall max hp increase should counter Alfrike decrease.

Yes, but question is - max Rigard HP will be 1000 or 1224?

Because if 1000, then if Alfrike pull another cubes to Rigard, (making his HP = 30% from Max) even Heimdall can boost HP only to 60%.


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