Alfrike + reviving fighters: cubes fail

Possibly the same underling problem as in the Alfrike + Wu Kong thread, but additional problems.

If there is a reviving fighter on the other team, it appears as though Alfrike will both target the unavailable fighter (despite there being other valid targets available) and not use all 5 cubes.

This is particularly irritating because I tend to use other specials to knock out weaker opponents to concentrate the cubes on sturdier ones.

If it were me targeting the ghosted fighter, that would be my mistake. If there were no other targets, then of course they’d miss… but for the game to target a reviving (not ghosted, like Stonecleave or Ameonna) on my behalf And cut down on the cubes? That could make the difference between a raid/war win and loss…

Version 31.0.3 b1322

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If you put tiles under a reviving hero they not hit until they revive . So if you fire a speical the same happens?
The hero is still in game play like ghost mode if BT magni in revive and amenonna is in ghost and you fire alfrike yall ain’t hitting nobody.

I think @Dudeious.Maximus, what the OP is saying is the following scenario:

  • Cube 1 hits fighter
  • Cube 1 kills fighter but they revive
  • Cube 2 hits some other hero
  • Cube 3 hits the fighter (does nothing as they are “ghost” form due to being mid-revive)
  • No further cubes (4&5 do not fire).

If this is the case it does indeed appear to be linked to the issues with the Alfrike Multi-Cube Mechanic as outlined/ highlighted in the Wu Kong / Blind thread: [Not really Solved - V30 Update] Alfrike + Wu-Kong: All cubes fail

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That would be bad enough, but it’s worse than that.

The scenario I’m taking about is when the hero is revived even before Alfrike fires.

This morning, I was attacking in war with my purple team. The enemy had Elena on the left flank, and she was low enough that I didn’t want to risk multiple cubes being wasted on her, so I killed her with Seshat’s special first.

At that point, when hero is revived, a player is literally incapable of targeting that hero. As such, the five cubes should have targeted the other three surviving heroes (I’d already beaten the tank), because if I can’t target them, neither should the cubes.

One cube hit and killed the left wing (I forget who), another hit C. Joon (r. flank)…
…one hit Elena, and the other two didn’t fire.

The fact that I had 40% of her special lost to a bug is bad enough, but I lost 60% of the special because the cube shouldn’t have been able to target a revived hero in the first place (because players can’t).

I could at least see the argument that your (Guvnor’s) scenario would kinda make sense, if the 5 cubes targeted all at the same time, and they were a legal target at the targeting phase…

…but in my scenario, my experience, the revived hero was never a legal target for the cubes.

That is why I didn’t just add this as part of the other thread: the “one missed cube means others don’t fire” problem shouldn’t have come up, because there shouldn’t have been an opportunity to miss

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Forgive the play symbol, but here’s an example…

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