Alfrike reduces more than 30% of total health

I am in a raid, Alfrike hits my Tarlak a couple of times and reduces his total health much more than 30%. Hit 3rd time and Tarlak almost at -75%. Rest heroes didn’t have that problem. Please check this bug.
See screenshots.

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The way it works: Alfrike can’t drop health below 30%.
The way it does not work: Alfrike cannot drop more than 30%.

If health is 1000, health cannot drop below 300.

Not a bug, working as intended


To add what good @Ruskin505 has elaborated, it appears that your Tarlak has a max health of approx 1310 with troop multiplier already included. That means 30% of his max health is 393, which is his new max health after suffering from several of Alfrike’s cubes.


Much love for Alfrike

Might be her creed


Apparently I misread her special. Thanks for your answer!

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