Alfrike possibly broken

Hi, I think either alfrike is bugged, or the description is wrong.

The description says when she uses her power, that a random ALLY gets mindless attack. In my fight against alfrike just now, her attack seemed to cast mindless attack on ALL of my heroes.

Their team also had white rabbit, Telluria, Rafaelle, and baldur, so I can’t think of how any of their abilities might be enhancing her power or sending it to my team instead of hers.

She hits with 5 cubes. If a cube hits every member of your team, they all get it. Doesn’t happen often but it’s possible.

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Random enemies…20car

The wording could be confusing, and may need to be cleaned up. The intent is that targets of the Cubes are suffering the Mindless Attack ailment and will attack a random ally when mana is full, and not cast Mindless Attack on a random ally.

Under no circumstances should you interpret it as Alfrike is casting Mindless Attack on her own allies, which is what you seem to think.

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