Alfrike only fires one cube on gost

ALFRIKE, she fires in a gost from lepiota, only one cube fired.

do you have a video? This was supposed to be fixed in the last update

Yes I do. It’s recorded April 17th. In a war battle.

so that was before the update to fix that bug went live. 8 days ago Petri responded to this post about alfrike saying that the bug had been fixed. April 17th was ten days ago so this most likely happened before the fix went live. If this happens again, please say something though!


Not fixed.

Screen cap 2020-04-28, version 37.0.0 b1483

could you post a video link to this as well?

I have a short mp4, but I have no way to post it. The visible effect was only there cubes, one at the ninja, two on Jabber

Also, this has been brought up repeatedly before.

you could upload it to youtube or convert it to a gif

I am aware, I followed the alfrike bug for a year. both of those posts occured befroe the fix which went like 9 days ago. I am concerned about the one you have posted as it has clearly happened after the fix. That being said, the video would serve as concrete evidence.

Also, the second link you shared was not a bug,

@Guvnor This post might need a merge but it also might be “new”. The picture above demonstrates that alfrike didn’t fire all 5 cubes. according to the time stamp, it happened after the fix.

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