ALFRIKE - No mindless attack?! Why?

Hey all!
Sorry, I do not have a screenshot. I just played the war (Heimdall+19 [Paladin!] - Leonidas +19, N-Rigard+20, N-Melendor +20, Malosi +20)
My opponent had TP app. 4400, and far-right there was Alfrike standing, with Vivica on the left, this two remaining.
Alfrike fired, hit Heimdall, Leonidas three times, and Malosi.
HP went back, but… NONE of my heroes suffered from mindless attack. Leonidas had full mana before her shot, three cubes hit him, and he was instantly able to fire. (war was field aid)
It was just my 2nd time i was hit from Alfrike, but the first time it worked… whats going on here?!

Have a nice day

Had you hit Alfrike with Malosi?
This should stop the mana control, but let the damage through.

OOOPS:… I am sorry. I dont know, but of course, this could be…
I was not thinking so far, sorry :slight_smile:

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