Alfrike - Mindless attack bug in Walhalla hard mode

In Season 3 Walhalla, Provence 26.6 en 26.7 (hard mode), Mindless attack from Alfrike does not work on normal heroes. Their health is reduced but the mindless attack is not applied.
My team consists of Garnet, Sif, Alfrike, Vela and Heimdall.
None of the other specials was active.

Mindless attack only works on bosses or elite enemies. These stages do not have any elite enemies, so they do not gain mana, which means Alfrike’s mindless attack won’t affect them.

Only the bosses, that is Fire Beetle and Sumle, will get affected by Alfrike’s ailment.


Ok, thanx for your fast reply! I tested it on Season 1 but, that was a level with elite enemies. Therefore I thought it was a bug. Clear!

“Mindless attack” should work on normal monsters even they don’t have mana.
“mana regen reduction”, “silence”, “can’t gain mana” also work on normal monsters (even they don’t have mana).

Mindless attack needs mana to work. So special stage heroes that generate mana and bosses. The regular mobs don’t generate mana so are immune…


I think it needs special skill rather than mana. This ailment basically replaces special skill with another special skill (it’s hilarious when you target someone under Mindless Attack with Lord Loki). If target doesn’t have any special skill at all, the ailment literally doesn’t exist.

I need to see this. Do you have a video?

For example this one: Lord loki special skill is blocked when hero is blocked

People even thought it was a bug lol.

cool. thanks for the video!

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