Alfrike is too powerful

6 star heroes? Damn. This game will not last long if they do that. I think they will start buffing older hotms, event heroes, & seasonal heroes. Just not soon enough.

Some answers to Alfrike at very fast are Alfrike lol, Malosi, Bai Yeong, Joon, Justice, Thor, Leonidas, Grazul, Miki, Peters, Hansel, Gretel, or Merlin. There are probably more heroes than this. But Im successful against her at VF most of the time. Bai Yeong & or Malosi must be maxed to survive against Alfrike. Did I say Grazul? Or Vanda if you’re lucky.

This is a case of needing to build up your roster and choosing the right heroes to use. Would have been better to ask for help in those areas instead of asking for a nerf.
Alfrike is balanced and appropriately strong for a vs hero.
There are some heroes that need rebalanced. Posts requesting nerfs/buffs for heroes that don’t need them only clog up the forum and make it more difficult to actually get heroes in need rebalanced.


Of course, opinions are like asses, everyone has theirs … respectable … but !! Honestly players, if every hero that you can’t defeat is going to come and ask for a Nerf, this game is going to ■■■■ now.
Asking for a Nerf for a very slow mana hero is one of two: either having no idea how to play this game or having a level in the game below level 30.
That said, I respect opinions and that’s why I give mine, but what I’m not going to have any respect for is absurd requests so to those who ask for a Nerff for Alfrike I tell you that the best thing you can do for this game is uninstall it.


Well, if you want to challenge very good teams you need a very good team. This for “average lucky” boards.

But this is not about Alfrike, it is about all.

If a very slow tank fires you lose 99% of the cases. If an average tank fires 2-3 times you lose 99% of the cases too if he is s good tank.

The point is: the tank should not fire if it is very dangerous, the tank should not fire more than 1 time if is a good tank.

In fact almost all the players stack at least 3 heroes of the same color, which is strong against tank’s color.

If the board is a mess you are gone anyway, almost always.

So I don’t get the point.

Of course she is OP in very fast tournaments, like every very slow hero should be. Can a damned very slow hero be OP at least in very fast mana tournaments or she should be :poop: always?

Guys, the point is: you want to win always.

Play another game.


Thanks for a clear and straight and less confused than mine explanation of the point.

I understand where you are coming from, but… how is it fair to me as a player in rush attack tourney that the SG AI gives me Alfrike tank teams 5 attacks in a row? I do not have her in my roster nor any good 5 star counter heros to her (e.g., Poseidon, Malosi, etc), and in rush attack if she fires it is exceptionally difficult to recover (she’ll likely fire multiple times once she fires even once). It is frustrating to face her even 1 time in rush attack, but when the SG AI keeps giving her to you to attack it is downright insulting.

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Man, simply, there are occasions, like there are to me, in which the roster is not ideal to face that specific tournament. I met in a rush tournament a team in which there were 3 very slow heroes. You can imagine the outcome.


Every one has his chance to shine. Maybe that player has not as many mana controller as I have, or something like that.

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I’m actually impressed at the balance achieved with Alfrike and certainly wouldn’t nerf her. However, she’s thrown Rush Attack out of balance. Currently the only (2) other very slow heroes are event heroes, which makes them very hard to get. The majority of high-level players seem to have Alfrike, which makes Rush tournaments and wars just a series of Alfrikes.

Rather than nerfing Alfrike, I’d ask SG to release more very slow, well-balanced heroes, so there’s more room for competition and creativity in Rush Attack again.


More than 20 characters to say that your point makes sense!

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Alfrike is not a Tank, Alfrike performs much better on the right flank.
As Tank does not have time to sentence the rival team as the enemies begin to charge their mana … and Alfrike requires that the enemies are about to fire their special to kill them with a single shot.
That’s why to attack it you have to avoid throwing troop combos at it.
As a tank with a team 3-2 yellow she down

It depends on the board as always my friend, but thank for the suggestion. By the way I am happy about the general performance of my defense, in which she is a tank with a fully emblemed Brynhild by her side.

Who is your tank with Alfrike as right flank?

I’m so tired of these nerf treads, I’m a relative new player I I constantly beat teams with her on them and my team is at 3600,. For a general rule some hero’s have to be more powerful than others. I don’t have any top notch players except loki and gefjon but compared to killhare,finely,gravemaker and afrlike no where near that category but I’m not screaming for nerfs because maybe one day I’ll get lucky and when I do I want them with all of their value. If everyone had the same value the game wouldn’t be as exciting. It’s the thrill of maybe getting lucky on a pull to own one of these awesome hero’s


The counters are only effective for those who actually HAVE those counters.

She does need nerfing.

Yes yes yes. We need more quality slow and very slow heroes in general, as it feels somewhat unbalanced overall to me, in favor of the fast and very fast.
For instance, I’ve been saying since the moment that Telluria was released that she should’ve been made slow. Then they wouldn’t have needed to nerf her skills cause even slow, her original skills would still hurt a team.

Do you understand that you want something which is the absolute contrary of a gatcha game?
You want something that clashes with the basic principles of the game you are playing. in practice you want that whatever your luck or the number of pulls you do, you will be able without difficulty to counter someone who was lucky enough to find that hero. my advice remains for you not to get frustrated playing this game. There are so many.

Am I a whale? Nope, I am almost a F2P, simply I understand which kind of game I am playing and I accept its basic principles.

Awareness is everything.


Yeah but you put every one of your tiles into her. Put all your tiles into a lot of strong heros and you’ll face certain death as well. Plus, I don’t understand your mono strategy here.

I have had Alfrike for about 2 months and have yet been able to use her power in battle. She has always died before being able to use.

Is she maxed? Has she emblems?

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