Alfrike is too powerful

Mikky will cry if Alfrik banned from VF wars and tourneys. :blush:

Sgg will not nerf Alfrike or ban her from rush events. No worries on that score. She still generates revenue.

If we nerf or b-- Alfrike then the next will be Mother North, resurrectors and Lady of the Lake, then every taunter…

No, just rework this bad concept of rush battles.
Different mana speed exists for a reason and rush battles aren’t an excuse to let underperforming “slower” heroes be bad.

A game mode where XYZ heroes are broken isn’t a way to balance them…
If they are weak they should just be buffed.


Absolutely not.

It’s undeniable that these tournaments are a matter of luck, but instead of asking for a nerf, let’s try to find a way to beat Alfrike.

There are some ways to counter her (without yellow):

-) Taunt (BK, QoH, Ludwig, Krampus).
-) Silence (Miki, Peters, Tettukh).
-) Mana blocking (Hel, Proteus).
-) Mindless attack (Zocc, Alfrike, Merlin, Hansel, Lord Loki).
-) Dodging (c. Kadilen, Margaret, c. Little John, Jade (argh)).
-) Protection (Vanda, Garnet, Grazul).
-) Mana reduction (Mitsuko, c.Alasie).
-) Lepiota, Balbar and maybe Francine (as she cleanses after the turn, but doesn’t offer immediate protection) with unique abilities.
-) And some 3* that I don’t mention as it’s unthinkable using them in 5* tournaments.


You mean something like this…


How about they change Rush Attack so that it bumps up all heroes mana speed by 1 rank?

Very Slow ---->Slow
Very fast stays the same as it does now?

Alfrike still gets a sizable buff being slow, but doesn’t make her (as some say) unbeatable.

I tend to disagree that she is unbeatable. I take my 3 mana control yellows in Onatel, cLi with limit break, and Neith, sometimes Gulli. Have a decen win % against her.

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I agree, when i see rush with Alfrike i bring Krampus as a sacrificial sponge and MN to revive. With the right combo and board manipulation she can be beaten. But if you have Alfrike it’s a race to charge her 1st.

Yes she is. So do C-Krampus, C-Mother North, Wolfgang, Ludwig, Margareth and so on - depend on who you are facing.

They can nerf Alfrike and what is next? Another hero will be too powerful. OK, let’s nerf him to… Wait, now it’s some other hero too powerfully…

If we ask them to nerf every hero it’s gonna be endless story…


Btw no one is unbeatable…

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im not for nerf alfrike but rush format i agree is too much, it should be like this or max 2 speeds up from original

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I won against the same formation using:

Proteus - Alfrike - Tettukh - SabinaC - Peters

Why would he. He’d be even more dominant. He’d be celebrating.

He is the best encounter for Alfrik in rush attacks , sply when yellows not allowed.
I’m doing quite ok with this no yellow rush tourneys coz of my mikky.
Took out 3 Alfrik defense. Double is a common thing in these types of tourneys. :joy:

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Yes she is. Lol. I feel sorry for my opponent


Well done! I used this and am winning 18:2 on defense.

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You guys forgot Viscaro. :joy:

I think the biggest complaint is when it’s a fast mana war or tournament

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