Alfrike Health reduction

I wanted to post this in the bug section but maybe i do not understand the special skill of Alfrike.

The hero card states that max health cannot go less than 30%.

My Noor was the last hero standing when Alfrike went off so got the full compliment of all 5 cubes.
And after the attack was left with a maximum of 438 HP.
Her total HP is 1461. More than a 1000 hp points was taken of her total health (not talking about damage received)

Thank you to anyone who can give me some clarity on this.

1461 x .3= 438


30% of 1461 is 438.

When Alfrike hit your Noor, she reduced Noor’s Hp bar. But that can’t go below 30% of Noor’s total health. So it got capped there. The damage was separate


aka. your hero can lose 70% of its max health

Not a bug as the fine people above in the thread below have pointed out.

Thank you very much.
I had it the other way around.