Alfrike fired

Its too easy to stack yellows against her in rush

LOL. Are you mad? She’s the best rush tank out there!!

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Agreed its easy to stack against any hero. But mindless atk, reduction in health, and damage at v. fast speed heimdall can be flank so he can revive Alfrike so she can strike again.

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Many as well forgot about Peters

Yeah, if Alfrike fires, it’s All Fried… Lame puns aside, heroes I like to use against her:

  • Grazul/Vanda: very fast so they have good chance to charge before Alfrike and they block mindless at the very least. Still problem with HP reduction, so unless you have HP booster you still don’t want her to fire more than once (which may happen if she’s paired with MN, Alberich, Heimdall or just healer in general. Also Toxicandra with her may be incredibly dangerous due to mana generation).

  • Heimdall/Gullinbursti: These deal with decreased max HP, but can do nothing about Mindless.

  • QoH/Krampus(don’t have BK): They redirect all cubes to themselves. Keep in mind that you’re essentially sacrificing them as that is over 1000 HP down from max.

  • Miki: slow but immune to mindless by default thanks to his innate ability and he himself can silence Alfrike. So unless he gets hit by all cubes he should have a chance to silence her and buy some time.

You forgot about Garnet. She is probably the most direct counter to Alfrike since her special both boosts your HP, negating the health down portion of her special, as well as prevent mindless attack.

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Didn’t forget about her. I mention the heroes I use and I don’t have Garnet :frowning: . But you’re right that she is best to counter Alfrike as she is even faster than Vanda/Grazul and she boosts HP as well.

Yup… use her against alfrike every time, alfrikes rendered fairly usless

Sif is good against Alfrike if you can get her special off before Alfrike fires. Will almost certainly kill Alfrike and lessen the damage to 3 heroes. I don’t have Grazul, but I’d imagine pairing with Sif would be ideal.

I’ve survived Alfrike numerous times. The key is patience.

However, heroes such as Viv, Kunchen, Ariel, Raff, help clear the mindless attack as long as they aren’t hit. Heroes like Graz and Garnet hep as long as you fire them before Alfrike as their ailment block keeps the mindless attack from taking place.

Clerics with a good amount of emblems can also shed the mindless attack without it affecting them b/c of the class skill. Monks are good for this also as they can avoid detrimental effects.

Good luck with patience in very fast :joy:

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I had her fire first quite a few times on me, in both war and in the tourney. Won quite a few of those… it is not easy but it is also definitely not game over if you have a well set up team, play well, and have a measure of luck too.

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This. If she hits you she just buys her team time, especially if you can’t cleanse. The damage isn’t that much from her. I’ve won after getting hit by Afrike first many times. Of course Miki helps there a lot with his 6 turn silence, but definitely isn’t over if you’re hit first.

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