Alfrike fired

Alfrike has fired into my team. What are my options to minimize the damage at this point? What hero can help me weather the storm?
Besides die…is there. Anything I can do.

Heimdal is the one to help You survive the storm

I think the best options via Alfrike are the new Halloween heroes especially Francine. If you get her off within 3 turns of Alfrike hitting it will be cleansed at end of turn anyway. Other than that hope the RNG works for you and her blocks miss your cleanser…

Assuming Alfrike can and will fire:

If Alfrike has already hit you, you can try to avoid maxing mana on those heroes till the buff is cleared or try to trigger an enemy mana control hero to stop yourself from gaining mana for the same number of turns.

Take hp loaders like Heimdall. Gullinbursti is a strong color hp loader against Alfrike. Heal is a must.

Take low attack stat heroes so the slash back isn’t as severe. Counter attackers. Strong minions like Noors owls for added meat shield.
Cleric Manashield, Monk Withstand, Rogue Dodge talents also come in handy when triggered.

Pray to RNG gods she misses your cleanser hero and launch them after the hit.

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But not 100% sure what happens when alfrikes first hit kills the minion :thinking:

thats what u can do and thats all you can do!

in very fast war if she fires it is GAME OVER
greatest OP tank EVER!

made more people quit than Telluria

she should be banned from vary fast wars but oh well…

one day…she will be mine…oh yes…she will be mine…


So… it depends. I’ve found that if you don’t have the tiles to kill her FAST then you’re best off getting her to fire as quickly as possible. Why? Because then your heroes are less likely to be charged, so the mindless attack isn’t very important. Also you’re more likely to be able to withstand her allies during those rounds.

In rush war she’s very scary, but I also have extremely strong yellow. The only time I faced her I got Malosi off first, which made her much more manageable.

If she’s already fired and it’s mid/late match? Unless you have a cleanser unaffected, it’s very difficult to recover from. A health booster like Gulli or Heimdal can help with the health, but only if they weren’t cubed. The best you can do is try to avoid charging your heroes until it wears off.

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My Grazul+Black Knight duo works great against it.
Black Knight take all the cubes, Grazul stop the mindless attack so he still works normally.

Ditto those two are at +20 and are not common heroes, Black knight is severly injured but never dead and keep taunting.

Come to my mind Malosi, Zocc, Hansel, upcoming Krampus, Vanda (for at least stop mindless attack and so on to work against her.

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Even if the first cube destroys the minion, all cubes hit Queen of Hearts.

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A +20 Grevle can do ok as well. Gill and also costume Kashrek as well as 4*.

ANYONE that can mana control in 4* up.


  1. While the damage from Alfrike’s cubes cannot be avoided, very fast heroes like Grazul and Vanda and their immunity to status ailments for 2 turns may dampen the impact of the cubes. (Can someone confirm if the status ailment immunity includes Alfrike’s cubes’ max health reduction? Thanks.)

  2. Control the mana of Alfrike, hopefully before she fires, with the use of heroes possessing such skills like Hansel, Zocc, Merlin (weak element) and Gretel (strong element). Mana cutters may be included like Guinevere, LI Xiu or her costume, Chao, etc. To a certain and limited degree, mana regen % reduction from Alasie, Telluria, Mist, etc.

  3. Use of max health booster heroes like Heimdall, Garnet, costumed Kashhrek, Grevle and Gullinbursti (strong element) to counter the max health reduction caused by the cubes.

  4. Use of mono yellow teams by forcing and pushing not more than 5 holy tiles against a tanking Alfrike.

  5. Dodging skill possessed by the ninja heroes (the more the better due to the family bonus) or from the likes of costumed Kadilen, Margaret, and Inari, or by the talent of rogue heroes.

  6. Silencer heroes like Cabin Boy Peter’s or Miki so as Alfrike unable to cast her skills until your other heroes are posed to kill her.

  7. Peaky blinder heroes like Joon or his costumed version, Justice, Drake Fong, Hu Tao, Bai Yeong, Danzaburo, etc. may help you survive and/or avoid the cubes.

  8. The one and only Malosi.

Any of them or a combination of them may help you win against Alfrike-tanked teams in very fast wars or raid tourneys as this may improve your chances of winning. Of course, lucky RNG opening boards also helps a ton, and if not, your puzzle solving skills may be beckoned in such scenario.

Alfrike as is is already a very strong hero, even more so in VF wars and raid tourneys. But she is not unbeatable.

P. S. I forgot the Dance of Spirits of Guardian Gazelle.


This guy works, too


And I forgot the cleric class of heroes as they have a chance of nullifying the effects of the cubes. Monks may also withstand the cubes. Unfortunately, not the initial damage.

I think you said almost everything:

I´d add, Baldur and ghosts who can hit without using special, riposte


Health reduction is not a status effect, so Vanda and Grazul can only prevent the mindless attack part of Alfrike Special.

For example my BK under Grazul spell get health reduced 5 times in a row, meaning even completely healed he is still in the red zone and can’t go anything more then that.

Fortunately BK can drop any damage to 1 :grin:

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Thank you so much for elucidation me. I haven’t noticed or havent the opportunity to observe this since Alfrike dies first easily in my dealing with her, or her unable to cast her skills because her mana was either frozen, cut, stolen or its regeneration was reduced significantly, or even if she has fired, still managed to beat her and her team.

I thought this thread was going to be about how poorly Alfrike tanks seemed to be these past two rush attack wars.

Alfrike… you’re fired!

She did so poorly for me (all OSKs over the weekend) I switched back to Telluria for yesterdays bloodbath.

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HP reduction can’t be blocked or cleansed you canonly boost health via. Heimdall, the boar, etc.

Alfrike/Auric Goldfinger - “No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.”

Alfrika is not a good tank in rush war - she is best at flank where i have her covered by heimdall

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