Alfrike emblems?

That makes sense :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

I really only use her in rush. Just too slow other wise

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Cases where my heroes are almost dead when filled up happen very rarely. Slowies will die before or will stay very healthy in raids most of the time.

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Went full def/HP, always pair with Clarissa on attack teams and she always survives. The trick is to make sure the supporting cast is fast, and ideally slows down the defense as well (Mist/Proteus/Hel/Alasie/cLianna). Actually one of my war teams is cRigs-Clarissa-Alfrike-Mist-cJoon, works out pretty well as long as I can find two purple matches early.

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I am also struggeling with this hard decision. I have my Alfrike +19 and today I got Sartana’s Costume.
I do use Alfrike a lot, she is on my mono purple attacking team, map stage team and see’s a lot of play on the fast defense tournaments/wars.

At the moment Alfrike is on my defense team as Uraeus - Ariel - Santa - Atomos - Alfrike.

I think Costume Sartana could take the place of Alfrike because my defense team is a bit to slow to work properly. Especially in the wing she is taken out easily if focussed. With a fast sniper I probably get better results, what do you guys think?

That also comes with the question if I should strip Alfrike from emblems to place them on cSartana? I do have proteus +20 as wel but I rather not strip him because he is so incredible useful. It feels very wrong to strip Alfrike ever from emblems since she is so strong but in this case it feels right, right :face_with_raised_eyebrow:?

Thanks in advance!

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Its a hard decision. Bc she is so good on map and quests and the best hero in rush i wouldnt strip. But i wouldnt blame you if you did.

Yeah true.

Though I don’t really need the emblems for maps and quests since my team around her can support her, leaving only the rush attacks. That’s like once every 10 tournaments and twice every 2-3 weeks or so that I’ll have her on defense. Comparing that to costume Sartana who can be used everywhere, I’m still not sure haha.

i don’t think you should strip sartana. waiting before embleming alfrike is better.

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