Alfrike....drag queen or woman?

Your opinions… Nice Artwork but I’m wondering… Alfrike… is she drag queen or woman?

  • Woman
  • Drag queen
  • Dunno

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A drag queen can be a woman, see my later post :smiley: So the poll is not quite right :smiley: Because if a woman can be a drag queen that’s an answer that can be expressed otherwise. Pleas read it as: a drag queen can be both woman and man.

Doesn’t matter. I would take her home either way :wink:


Does it matter if they’re drag queen or woman?

  • Yes
  • No

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Her facial features seem mostly feminine, no? Why the question (just wondering)…


Maybe it’s the “gams”

Honestly, I don’t think it matters. She appears to be some sort of goddess, and these (Greek, Norse, etc) gods and goddesses “always flowed into and out of each other like water” to quote a famous author. On the back art, Her name says Queen of Svartalfheim (the dark elf realm), not “Drag Queen”.

If you are saying all women have a “type”, and must all look the same to actually be women, I have news for you. :wink:

These speculations about gender are fine so long as we accept that the answer may not be what we have our heart set on (remember when both Kingston and Miki were thought to be girls?)

At the end of the day, all heroes have their part to play, just like us. :slight_smile:


Alfrike has a very large and eccentric outfit synonymous with drag queens, who typically perform in large, frilly, eccentric outfits. Still, who gives a :poop:? She’s the only 5* hero I’ve been able to draw from Valhalla, so I’m hoping she can boost my arsenal of Dark heroes that currently lie in wait with Killhare and Sartana.


I beg to differ. Ancient kings and queens were decked out to the nines in art. (The bare knees might have been a trifle much) :grin:


Bare knees? She’s showing thigh! I love it, mythological goddesses DGAF


I’m surprised SG is already releasing Svartalfheim Realm heroes when we are probably at least another two months before we are ready to enter that realm.

Pffffffft… i’m curious who flags the post… :smiley:

If i take a look at pictures…

Then it’s no bad guess… All those guys and gilrs dressed up as drag queen (and no, a lot of the guys is hetero) do look very feminine in their faces.

I really don’t have a clue why this should be flagged. (maybe someone who thinks all drag queens are gay? ) This has nothing to do with sexuality… Nor with discrimination

In The Netherlands we even have drag queen contests :slight_smile:

Here’s about shows…

The graphic I liked was how many folks don’t think it matters (I.e., is a non-issue, nothing to get heated about).

I think she’s a strong looking queen. Bring on the queen and goddess cards (and the king and god cards to balance the deck!) :wink::+1:


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