Alfheim innate skill needs a buff

Imo it is the worse skill of the nine realms. I currently have frigg as my only alfheim hero and she just heals 2% health once at low health. That healing is so insignificant, what’s the point of that heal?


It should be either every turn when the hero has low health or up the percentages but not too overpowered like 5/7/10%

10% is way too much for a family buff. Grazul heals for 10% as a part of her special :wink:

Elemental link heals for 4% over 4 turns.

It’s 15% for Grazul’s heal (not that much higher though).

Maybe 4% to start would be ok, but I don’t think it should be a game-changing heal either. Just small enough to let you take a slash attack or similar.

I fine with how it is. I don’t want these skills to be game changers. That tiny health boost just might be the difference between your hero dying or being left with 20 HP so your healer can bring them up before they die.


I am not a particular fan of these extra skills in the first place, especially the mana cuts and HP cuts on death of an ally. Both of which can literally be the deciding factor in winning and losing.

In no way shape or form would I want them buffed.


The mana cut is OP. The remainder are fine as is, albeit a little weak in this case. The mana cut should be 1/2/3 random enemies, not everyone, it is too stupidly powerful right now

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I think a one turn 10% for three is reasonable. Currently the only alfheim heroes available are ratatoskr, frigg and kvasir. And I don’t think people are using kvasir for the third family bonus

Yup Vanaheim has the most OP skill. It’s like fighting a semi Guin all over again

LOL, because Frigg isn’t awesome enough.