Alexandrine randomly revives out of nowhere

Hello to all the fellow empires members, it has occurred to me right now for the second time, during a common raid,

Considering I face alexandrine quite a few times I’d say this is a fairly rare bug to see but It does exist.

The two times alexandrine has revived she had been positively killed (and fully wiped out of the screen) with her mana full. After a turn goes by, she all of the sudden launches her special and revives as if she hadn’t died (and heals anybody else of course).

The sequence is as it follows: you attack, she dies, turn goes on like normal, the enemy responds, you attack again, she fires and reappears again healing everyone.

I don’t have screenshots nor videos because since it’s such a weird bug to come across I’ve never thought about recording it, I’m just posting to let everybody know and maybe someone else can confirm this has happened to them.

Maybe you are facing team with revivers and bring her back??

The time that I faced her, I haven’t experience that but I will keep an eye but try to record a video or screenshot it

100% not.

Raiding is what I enjoy most about the game so I should recognize all revivers, in this last raid I made she was alone with a boldtusk (all others had already been killed)

Another particularity is that when a hero revives for whatever reason, they first revive and then launch the special, in this case, alexandrine’s special launches “from her empty spot” and then she shows up again.

Thought it seems to me. Banditogangsterito raid against FRODO on 01/10/2022 at 10.30 am (GMT+2). Alexandrina was killed, but she remained in a ghostly state, passing through herself the cubes with which the Jabberwock was charged. After the Jabberwock hit (it was after his hit) a miracle happened - Alexandrina resurrected and applied her special skill. I don’t remember exactly, but she may have been under the effect of the Gravedigger’s burning, thanks to Lord Locke’s attack.

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