Alexandrine or Ariel

A great hero, one of my favourites. Personally I use him with Myztero vs Alfrike tanks. I don’t pair him with any other burners, I can usually just get a second burn going from him within the 5 turn limit. But that dependency on another burn hero, or on himself and additional tiles, is what makes him a pseudo healer for me

I get teased for maxing Myz. But I like him. But I no longer run him in war. Rogues are in high demand. Might be fun to break him out tho

You’re right. I completely forgot he generates hp. I always killed him for his ridiculous burn dot. :joy: Yes, he might share a spot within the top 5.

Puss though, I don’t think so. He doesn’t cross my mind as a “gotta get him off the board” healer. I do think he’s good but he’s in the same group as Kunchen, Viv, Heimdall types. I’d actually put Heimdall in the top 5 if his rez were more dependable.

Pfft. If I decommissioned every hero that I got teased about I probably wouldn’t have enough heroes to war with.

I run him with 2 Elradirs in my raiding, if I see a JF on the defense. Or any 2 of Bera, Vela, GM, Clarissa.

In most non-VF wars we face one or more Alfrikes so he finds a nice spot there.

To me he is probably the most fun hero to use, and he works really well with Elradir and Emilio (athough the 3 don’t work well together).

I am talking offense with PiB. He is so strong right now vs bera and Liz. Healers on defense aren’t something I see outside of VF wars and occasional farm wars. PiB and Em aren’t essential healers. I just happen to find them extremely useful in war.

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PIB on defense with QOH and Freya/Bera is a defense that can work very well. If the taunt card can get buried then even Grimble and Skadi will have limited impact vs the minion waves

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30 Liz vs 25

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I don’t have 2 eladir , but now running both of them in raids boy it’s fun … myzterizio is way better than I ever gave credit …pity didn’t realise sooner … don’t have the emblems yet to take full advantage


We won btw. 6 pack too.
Healers used
Ariel x2
Garnet x 3
Puss in Boots

That makes me happy to see. Not that I feel justified in arguing in his favour for so long - I know I am right because I have played with him every day since I summoned him, and I know how good he is. But it saddens me that such a good hero is not given a chance by most who get him too, based on bad word of mouth or by not knowing how to properly utilise him.

He does work super well with Elradir. I am glad you are getting good usage out of these two heroes.

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