Alexandrine or Ariel

What about… Ariel vs Toxicandra?

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Comparison of both of them as healers is silly.

Both have a role to play in the roster, BUT which one will serve NOW better is the key
Hence that one can be prioritised while other is levelled up gradually…

Its not such a difficult guess.

I would chose AleX for her targeting ailments which are loaded out there… & She would manage one of the anti Bera teams for war / also raids

  • She self heals = stays alive & heals the team.
  • Critical tiles ensure good damage in auto-farming, raid, wars, TitaNs, MTs,
  • In events she goes as tile damage (direct / create critical board tiles) …

W.r.t. Ariel… Apart from troops & there are other fellows to boost up the mana speed
not many to do what AleX does !

If I didn’t have healers then also I would prioritise AleX for today’s meta play !


To be honest, the original question was:

I wouldn’t make that depending on better.

In my understanding op don’t want to know which one to lvl, but which one giving emblems, he seems to like both.

Alex holds herself alive and has better stats. Ariel doesn’t have a passive ability making her nearly undying and is weaker.
So I would give emblems to ariel and trust in Alexs ability to stay alive.
And than enjoy both, dependent on which opponent I face.

And now back to the endless discussion of which is better. Good luck everyone convincing the other side :wink:


A) What’s an Alex?
2) a healer that lives and let’s everyone else die makes my brain bleed
iii) it takes shields to charge, if there are more blues after that, any blue would do


Watch Anchor’s (possibly one of the best players in the game) video on Alex and how awesome she is. After a brief pause of him playing Raid of course!

Alexandrine for lazy people

A healer that lives to cast is the best type of healer there is. A healer - nah, a hero - that soaks up and makes 1/5 of the enemy firepower go to waste - is a huge boon to any team

You rarely use up all gems when making your final match, even if you do use the special straight away (often with a healer you wait for the optimal time). Generally there are a few scattered around, so I would say it would be a rare scenario where she would heal for less than 30% health. In my playstyle healers are absolutely vital - healers, mana generators and mana controllers. So no, not any blue will do. A blue sniper will injure an enemy hero - which achieves nothing. A blue healer will keep your team alive long enough for you to control the mana of the opposing team and win the match. And I won’t be running mono in raids/wars - generally I hate stacking.

Personally I plan to use her in a Grimble team either as sole blue or possibly with one other blue like Lord Loki. As has been mentioned that already increases the number of shields available to her. Doesn’t make much use of her critical shields, but that is fine - I will use that aspect on PVE and titans.

Ariel seems good - good heal, cleanse is nice although not that necessary with the types of teams I typically face (lots of buffers), and C Mel is there to overwrite d down. The mana gain is not as useful as most people seem to think (I have D’Andre and it doesn’t have that much of an impact, certainly not as much as mana generating specials). She is possibly imaginary, as are all Atlantis heroes for me. But Alex’s virtual invulnerability vs Bera makes her more of an asset to me even if I did ever pull Ariel.


Hi, I dont mean to jump on anyone here, but really my point is just to consider what other heroes you have and what playstyle you use… for me, i run mono blues on raids/wars/titans. I like where my def team is keeping me right now cup-wise so not going to change that…

for this paricular example, i have made 3 matches and have killed off the opponents elizabeth (despite her firing once). As you can see, my whole team is now charged and ready to fire…

So after firing cKiril and Frida, all opponents now have DD and EDD. They are now easily cleaned out by lepus, magni and fenrir and thus the game is won. In my play style, neither alexandrine nor ariel will make my team better. However, when going up against titans, i can substitute fenrir with alexandrine and this will improve my titan scores. To offset ariels cleanse and mana gen bonus, i can use tornadoes and antidotes. But there are currently no items that will produce alexandrines effect. To conclude: Alexandrine will be of more use for me, hence i would level her before ariel. So this really boils down to “who else you got?” and “how do you play?”

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I feel Ariel is better then Alexandrine based on my testing in beta. Alexandrine is good against titans and bera defences. Ariel is better healer, her cleanse and mana generation is amazing as well. Ariel can remove Elizabeth fiends because of her 40% heal. Alexandrine heal is based on the blue tiles on board and u need blue tiles to charge her. There won’t be much tiles left to heal more. My vote goes to Ariel :blush:

True. But unless you get a very lucky fill in, you aren’t necessarily getting those matches. And I would not fire Ariel for the mana boost alone unless I expected to be able to use it with tiles already on the board. I might fire her for healing or a cleanse if needed, But not just in the hopes the board gives me tiles.

To my knowledge, running mono does not affect the number of tiles it takes to charge any individual hero. All this does is make multiple heroes charge with the same color tiles so they largely charge together.

True on offense, but I’m not contending that Alexandrine is better there. As my argument for Alexandrine is based exclusively on her value on titans, this is not particularly relevant as ghosting can only happen on the edges (and not at all on Mythic Titans).
(@Xero786 As above, this is for titans only.)

As my calculations show, assuming all tiles are in the middle columns on a titan, even under the most generous mana generation conditions, you need 3 matches under Ariel’s mana boost to charge a slow hero quicker than 4 matches.

Assuming you have not tried Alexandrine on titans, this is merely an argument that Ariel works well for you, not that she works better than Alexandrine would in the same spot. While fairly limited, my experience in beta was that Alexandrine improved my overall performance on red titans, though my team has changed since.

In summary, while I do expect Alexandrine to be better on titans, I expect Ariel to be the overall more useful healer since her skills seem more broadly valuable on offense or defense in raids/wars/tournaments.

Both are good healers but they serve different purposes.

Alex has very good stats and much greater survivability.

Missing cleanse is mitigated for me by having snow white and glenda. I actually prefee cleanse and heal to be on separate heros.

Something that cant be under valued is Alex passive vs opponents specials.

There are so so many damage dealing specials with status ailments that heal her which offsets the opponents damage.

The big downside i think to her is that she is really a hero shining on offense, but can be outplayed on defense.

Keep in mind that 54% crit is huge and this can be combined with crit troops and crit elemental links or other specials, which can get you very close to 100% crit, crits ignore color weakness making tiles even strong vs. Weak color heros.

Ariel is a much better defensive hero also offensively is much easier to use. Alex is a more strategically used hero that requires mkre thought.

It does. I’ll have to find the link for this. It was a discussion a few years ago.

Umm…. Yeah. That’s what ghosting tiles is. I don’t know about you but somehow the game loves putting tile combos of the color I’m using on the edge for me against the titan. :joy:

I thought you paid attention to thinking outside the box more from being around me. 24% mana boost applies to everything mana involved. Mana posts and tornadoes get a big boost. Again Alex only gets helped significantly by alteration scrolls, but those are basically just as beneficial to Ariel users. This is based on overall effectiveness against titans. Overall Ariel is the better option. If you don’t have Ariel then Alex is fine.

I absolutely agree here. When it comes to 5* healers I rank it;
1- Garnet
2a- Ariel
2b- Toxicandra
3- Mother North and Albi
4- Lady of the Lake
5- Prof Lindenbrock (arguable for the #4 slot)

The rest you can basically throw in a pot and pick them out blindly. Each have aspects that are good but do not hold a decisive factor in winning raids/ war hits/ event stages.


Solid top 5. Emilio and PiB would be in my consideration for the 5 spot over LOTL. And of course a Limit Broken Rigard with costume bonus.

Therein lies the explanation for our disagreement. I typically favor a low-item approach to titans. If using mana potions, Ariel can confer a greater benefit. Though since I tend to use them only in situations where I have a nice board setup and am typically close to charging, it wouldn’t make much difference in most cases.

On the other hand, given when I use items, charging an Alexandrine to boost a board flush with blue tiles would be considerably more beneficial. And since I use Isarnia for my defense drop (lasting 6 turns vs 4 turns for Athena or Bobo), I rarely need to worry about firing her before she is charged up again naturally.

So this seems to be more a difference of playstyle at work.

I can see the case. ESP since a hotm is much easier to come by than these summons specific heroes. That being said, I don’t see myself using the Alex. I war in the top cycle. Bera is on the way out as defenses migrate towards S4 heroes. The threat of the hotm is enough. My scopes will be going elsewhere.

Ariel was my first blue 5*. So maybe I am just in love😍


Ummmm…. Emilio isn’t a healer. And who is PiB?

LotL is dominating in events, special quests, seasonal stages (especially final stages), and even titans. Nothing gets a special charged when she’s used properly. Throw in Onatel, Hel, Proteus types and it’s an easy fight.

C Rigard is solid, but his heal over time is easily debuffed as is his attack boost. I have no issues smacking him around. He puts very little fear into most. However, if you are in a raid/war battle with LotL then you’d be smart to kill her fast. Her minions can make it very difficult to win a match. Only MN and Albi command more attention in a fight as healers. Those two will ruin everything you’ve done with one cast of a special.

LotL only down fall is slow mana mixed with a relatively weak defensive stat. 3 mono red tiles puts her in the ground every time basically.

For the reasons listed, LotL comes in at #4 to me. But to each their own.

Lol emilio is totally a healer. :joy:

Have you seen a decrease in Beras? From what I have seen, and heard in discussions (from top 10 alliances as well as my own which is a top 50/top 100), is that Bera is still the “gold standard” for defense tanks outside of VF tournies.

Puss in Boots is PiB

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I’d categorise him as a pseudo healer. A great hero overall but I wouldn’t put him as a top 5 if you are specifically looking at great healers

He is an HoT that blocks ailments and burns the entire match🤷🏻‍♂️.

I will concede he needs to be paired with GM. But he is sensational

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