Alexandrine or Ariel

Who’s better, who’s keeping the emblems?

Ariel. 20 characters of definitive-ness.


Yes…… another 20 characters

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This question should not exist… Alex and Ariel aren’t on the same level. Not even close. It’s like asking should I pick Jordan or me for a basketball team….

Hint: I suck at basketball…

Please go with Ariel and don’t even look at Alex



Alex: Around 33% for non-blue, 36% for blue, Ariel 40% for all Adv Ariel I think 1 point - not that much in it - but to be on the safe side make this 2 points
Stats: Adv Alex, 2 points - far more survivable and an attack advantage for mono
Passive: Huge adv Alex, 3 points - the best passive in the game, and vs Bera and probably against other ailment dealers that passive takes center stage
Cleanse: Adv Ariel, 2 points
Mana boost: Adv Ariel, 2 points
Critical shield buff: Adv Alex, 2 points (situational)
Heal resists: Adv Alex, minor - 0.5 points

To me that reads
Ariel 6
Alex 7.5

As a generic healer Ariel is better. But for specialist purposes - vs Bera, vs ailment dealers, running mono in raids or events or titans - I think Alex is better


I dont have ariel but i will ascend my alex. Primarily for her value in my titan team. If i had both, id probably still ascend alex first. This does not mean i think that alex is better than ariel but really more for the fit in my team. I already have cKiril running at average speed charging at the same time (with c bonus and troops) as my fast hitters.

I guess what im trying to say is that choosing which hero to ascend should be based on utility/fit/synergy with other heroes your team, and not just picking who is stronger.


I will go for atrial too, Alex is good but her heal ain’t depends on tiles so not that great plus the mana gain and the cleanse, she does what a healer should do

Alex vs Bera is THE most overrated and over hyped matchup there is. Alex can survive vs Bera, but only Alex, and that too only if she is by herself. On a 5v5 her passive does very little. And in all other situations her passive does very little. For her passive to do anything significant, the defense needs to have a minimum of 10 Moth minions on them, and in that situation all your other heroes are dying. Alex does not, repeat does not do anything more then a standard healer for your TEAM vs Bera. To say she has the best passive in the game is to not really play with her vs Bera and get wowed by a video where she went solo vs a Bera team and lost.

Alex depends on a blue board AFTER you match atleast 9 tiles to charge her in order to get a proper heal. It isn’t 33%. It’s a base 18%. To get to 33% you will need another 5 blue tiles on the board after you already use 9 to charge her (if you mana break her). I hope i don’t have to explain why that is unlikely. So at her core use (healing) she is sub par. And I haven’t even gotten to cleanse and mana yet.

And the Crit buff, yeah that’s a plus if you mono. But you are left with the same issue as stated above for it to be worth it. And I can easily argue that if you are counting on 14 opening blue tiles then just use Raffa… there is no better healer in the game. But I doubt you would need any healer at all with that much blue on the board.

Alex is decent, she is fantastic for titans where you can mana her up and utilizes good blue board, but for wars and raids??? Umm no, not in the same class as Ariel.


If we want to assign arbitrary points here:
Healing - Ariel wins easily
Utility - aka helping other heroes, Ariel wins easily
Survival stats - Alex wins

Yes I’m not counting passive, as that goes into survival, doesn’t do anything for anyone else.

Ariel wins.


Totally correct on utility. But can’t compare a cleanser to a non cleanser. In raids and war, the necessity of a cleanser and a mana booster cannot be overstated. cKiril is brilliant too, but the only team I would use him over Ariel is when paired with Skadi. And in that team I also use Ariel, but I would drop her over cKiril if needed. The synergy of cKiril and Skadi is too good.

People wanting to max Alex is fine, especially for titans. She is brilliant for titans. But blues don’t need that much help vs titans, especially if you have Jott. If you have a choice between her and Alex, imo it’s not a choice.


For titans, I’d say Alexandrine is better.

Anywhere else, I’d favor Ariel for her more consistent heal. The mana gen boost and cleanse are also very nice.


Thank you all for this information, I’ll keep Ariel.


I gotta disagree here. I don’t know why Ariel on titans gets so over looked. Miki- slow. Frida- Average. Bobo- slow. Grimm- average. Jott- slow. Cobalt- charge. Ariel’s mana buff is huge on titans. She keeps heroes firing non stop. It’s helpful on C Magni and Finley who are both fast. The cleanse and heal are excellent at average speed. But it the mana buff that really puts Ariel over the top.

Yeah, Alex gives added crit chance on tiles, but that’s all based on what tiles are on the board. And against a titan it’s usually not a lot (unless you use an alteration scroll). Give a bit of a bump to Alex for power creep but overall it’s no contest. Raids, war, titans, events, you name it and Ariel is better suited for it.

No doubt ariel is still better but its totally depebds on the gameplay u chose to play…


Ariel, cleanse, mana boost, better heal

Alex is not not bad hero but not the level of top healers.


[In Regis voice]
“For one million dollars, which of these is the better hero to max?”

A. Sanngrior
B. Alexandrine
C. Ariel
D. Olive Garden

Technically imma go with D, but C is also cool too


One more vote for Ariel.

If you want arguments, read @Xero786 posts again as that’s exactly what I would write.

But basically:

Alex’s tile crit buff really requires her to be run in mono to make sense; if you run a blue mono where you can charge your average hero then still have tiles on board - regardless of who is your healer, the match is already won 9 out of 10 cases aka Alex did nothing to win it, tiles did. Meanwhile, Ariel can take your dying team back to the game with cleanse and reliable heal, giving you time to dig for tiles in a match where there aren’t that many. Also, outside of mono, especially in rainbow, Alex is but a shadow of herself, with the crit buff not doing anything. And Ariel is still Ariel.


Sure but if you use mana items or tornadoes on titans (which you should when going for big scores), mana speed doesn’t matter that much.


This also applies for Jott however, and his usefulness on titans is not being questioned.

Moreover, it helps to consider Alexandrine and Ariel on equal terms. Under the assumption that there are no tiles for Alexandrine to boost, there are also no tiles to take advantage of Ariel’s mana boost.

To expand on that, consider that with a lv 23 mana troop, Ariel can charge in 9 tiles. No matter what mana troops a slow hero has, they will still need another 3 tiles to charge after Ariel, so for this charge, Ariel’s mana boost makes no difference.

Even with a lv 29 mana troop and the mana node for a barbarian, (i.e. Miki or Jott) it would require 9 tiles in the 4 turns Ariel’s mana boost is active to charge a slow hero in under 4 matches. If only two matches are available with that buff active, they would be just short.

24% from Ariel + 15% from a lv 29 troop + 2% mana node = 41% mana boost

This means with 2 matches under Ariel and one that isn’t, one can gain:

1.41×6 + 1.17×3 = 11.97 tiles worth of mana

This means that after firing Ariel, you need a very good blue board to make Ariel’s mana boost worthwhile for slow heroes. This very good board would also enable Alexandrine to boost many tiles at once while providing a substantial amount of healing.

And since Alexandrine cannot stack with Jott, adding her in means Jott can be replaced with a higher attack, or sturdier hero depending on what is needed. Especially if you are already using Ariel and Jott (as I am), Alexandrine can consolidate the two roles leaving space for another hero.


Sorry, early in the morning so I’m probably being dense. But Ariel affects all heroes, not just blue. So why this assumption of blue board? Or are we just talking about titans in which case ignore me…

On the other hand, for titans, I would do the math/test it out before replacing Jott with Alex. Remember that Crit doesn’t respect atk boosts


There’s a reason he doesn’t get any run in my titan team

If suggest you rethink this statement. Ariel boost isn’t limited to when she fires. Ariel has a mana buff of +24% for 4 turns.
The rest of your statement about needing this mana troop or that mana troop is completely off. What would take 12 tiles now takes 9 with Ariels mana buff. The troops boost that cut. The run of mono team boosts it also. So my lvl 11 troop on Bobo, with Ariels buff will charge him on 3 ghosted blue tiles and he basically charges in 6-9 tiles overall.

Now, as I said before, Ariel vs titans is FAR more valuable than Alex. I’ll take the mana buff for 4 turns over Alex having 2-5 tiles getting a jump in crit % and the small amount of healing from the fact there’s only 2-5 tiles in the board. There’s no contest here. Averaging over 100k per hit on 12* & 13* reds has proven that for me.

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