Alexandrine Healing Passive

i took the screen shot from a video from a group
nothing was going on.

odin has 1 minion and that minion hit Alexandrine, there is no chance of any 3rd status aliment anywhere

if it was 2 minions it would be 4 healing not 3

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Yeah that looks funky…

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Frankly I noticed something that looked unexpected in how some ailments behave in the last turn just before the “equalizer” between offense and defense. Never really recorded anything or spend time figure it out, but wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of those things… There isn’t now simple exchange of turns between Attacker move and Defender move. There are also separate ‘turns’ for minions, ailment damage, passives, stacks, family bonus rolls etc.

The order of effects may be somehow messed up or overlapping, which results in the game applying the passive twice from a single minion hit because the ailment was cleansed with “equalizer” the same turn.


  1. Minion hits and applies 2 status effects
  2. Alexandrine heals 2 times.
  3. Equalizer removes the status ailments
  4. Something shady causes the game to think if Alexandrine now has no status effect but was just hit with a minion that applied 2 of them, she should be healed again which she does
  5. Equalizer animation plays and status effects are visibly removed

Of course, it’s just a guess without reading the logs - that only SG can do. This could as well be only a visual bug.

I think it is because minion slash somehow count as another ailment that is where 3rd heal come from. I have heard that Theobald can reflect both damage and mana cut from Lady of the Lake’s minion. (I see someone say this in the previous 5* rush attack trend.) Theobald’s reflect will apply if it is ailment or special skill.

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Lol, typing in the middle of the night without glasses, nice comeback

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