Alexandrine Healing Passive

I totally agree, but Alexandrine will keep my team alive long enough
to be able to take out one by one the other opponent heroes!

She’s an anti-Bera shield!
Of course you’ll need to have a second healer and a hard-shooter to win that game!

Alexandrine shines (and become a beast) depending the opponents she faces!

Will she though? Passive healing applies to herself only - the survivability she provides to the rest of the team is on par with other healers (though Ariel will cleanse, Kiril will add defense buff, Raffaelle cleanse + healing over time, Milena cleanse + offensive secondary charge) .

She may survive as a a healer a bit longer to ensure that she heals them which is her strength but the more allies alive, the less chance for the passive heal to trigger.

Not trying to say she’s bad hero, just that the passive is far from OP as was claimed by the OP (pun not intended).


don’t shatter my dream… about her! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’ll max her (first at 3/70) and then decide if she deserves the mats!

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So Alexandrine should get 2 heals for every time she’s hit by a Bera Minion, once for the poison, and once for the “can’t have minions”.
But it seems like she’s getting an extra heal from somewhere:

She gets hit by 2 minions, or 4 effects, but she seems to be healing 6 times.


What is up with alexandrines healing against bera? Is this how it’s supposed to function because one day she heals 4 times from a tick from beras minions, some days she heals 3 times

she is bera destroyer… end of story

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She heals from status ailments, it depense how many minions are deployed, etc. Every hit matters. She seem awesome, based on what the HOM were lately; I am glad I have her already :slight_smile:

Seeing videos, it does look like AleX is healing many times in a single turn…
the more the Bera minions = more the number of ailments rained onto AleX = more the number of times the heals !

One heal is for the poison damage & 2nd is for the ailment for not being able to get a minion = 2 x 10% heals for one turn per minion… (unless I am missing something !)

That’s how AleX is designed = A brilliant ability which makes Bera over night useless, the moment more levelled up AleX-es come into play… especially in Raids & tournaments where a single AleX can be used all the time
in war Bera might still hold her place… :grinning:


LoL :rofl: … how did the font above become so BiG !

seems like a BuG ! :rofl:

Lol yeah but the issue is her healing 3-4-5 times from a single tick from beras minion. It’s definitely not working properly

Seeing those loooooooooooong line of heal numbers :rofl: … I too get a feelinG that something is fishy !

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Feel, SG will adjust (nerf) the crit % & the heal % to a lower number soon…

Here’s the video, the one Sami is discussing @Yagster


In the video we saw 11 minions so that should be 22 heals - I didn’t count but it looked to be right.

Do you have a video where she gets more than 2 heals per minion hit?

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I think the confusion might be related to the animation of the the green numbers. They show up then suddenly get bigger in size which makes it appear like there are more and is generally confusing when trying to count. I played it back several times in 0.25x speed and counted at least 22 heals. It will be easier to see if there is truly a bug when there are less butterfly minions.

Stop the complaining, stop using Bera and the problem is solved.

Bear is sad. Masha, however, agrees


this is the issue with Alexandrine
passive triggered 3 times with only 2 status ailments

i have noticed it in multiple hits

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Can you get a video? That way you can properly check the timing and all ailments are are applied. It will also show if minions are killed off just after applying their ailments

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