Alexandrine Healing Passive

This may need to be addressed as it will be literally impossible to face an Alexandrine vs Bera. Please verify if this is functioning correctly.

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Health Recovery per Status Ailment
This hero recovers 10% health when they receive a status ailment.

You have so many minions applying many status ailments so it work as intended, the recommendations is not to use and ailment dealing hero or just kill her first


By that logic, Elradir should gain mana from Bera’s minion hits. And he doesnt. So either Elradir is bugged, Alexandrine is bugged, or the minions on Bera are bugged. Take your pick I guess.

yes, he does, look at this video around 0:54 when Bera’s minions hit him it is a small amount of mana gain by him


Elradir does gain mana from status ailments, but it’s not defined: simply “small amount of mana.”

also, it’s bugged:

and will be fixed in V41:

I reported this in beta and it was not confirmed to be a bug - therefore it’s pretty much intended behavior.

SG wants to indirectly make people resign from Bera defenses and start pulling for better options. It doesn’t surprise me heroes like Alexandrine come out. Expect more.


I’ll be checking this when the version released because he gains nothing right now. I took a video and after several hits, his mana bar never moved. Thanks.

This isn’t indirect at all. Having Alexandrine present in the fight negates Bera entirely. If Bera fires at all, Alexandrine will never die because she gains so much HP from the passive. The minions will continuously trigger it as seen above, and it will end in a stalemate. The only way you could kill her is back to back sniper hits trust me, I saw Alexandrine in the video I snagged those screenshots from go from full HP to 20% in one round of full special skills from the 4 heroes she is against then the bera minions instantly returned her to full HP.

Alexandrine existing on the field against a Bera will ensure either the eventual cascade where Alexandrine wins, a 10 minute stalemate, or so many turns in that the damage multiplier will reach a ridiculously high modifier resulting in someone being one shot by either one tile match or one swing from the defense.

This needs to be changed before we either have a new super hero or have a Telluria 2.0 Nerf where Alexandrine is great for a few weeks/months then she gets hit so hard with the nerf hammer that they become the new hero to laugh at and reminisce about how great they used to be.

Just my 2 cents. Hope no one has sprinted her quite yet, but I’m sure many already have.


Hopefully they will actually listen to beta testers instead of just using you guys to find bugs. Kind of a backwards approach if they don’t listen to you guys about heroes.

Even if this is working as intended, it was designed poorly and should be revised… she’s practically immortal against Bera tanks.

In a non Bera raid you’re usually not gaining more than 1-2 ailments per turn. The issue with her passive could be addressed easily by making her passive heal restricted to once or twice per turn, it would hardly take away anything from her in raids outside of only Bera raids.

i have a hard time believing that a nerf is coming if there’s still a decent chance the offense loses. in the original screenshots you provided, C. Kadilen, Morel, and Odin were overhealed in addition to having Bera’s minions. keeping Bera alive so she can keep churning out minions just so Alexandrine stays alive isn’t a consistently winning strategy. and if a cascade wipes out Bera? good luck taking on the remaining three with just tile damage when they’re still overhealed.

the passive doesn’t even guarantee that Bera gets replaced at tank. plenty of defenses still run snipers, so a single defense down from a Frigg or Morel (after some HP recovery because of the defense down ailment) makes her easy pickings for sniper damage and slash attacks, which happen before minion hits.


Finally some sense. Is not broken or OP it’s a decent hero who has some form of counter against a certain other hero. And even then I don’t beleive it’s a take Alex and win Vs bera tank situation at all


Never said it was. Bera will still fare fine at tank. It’s the offense side that makes it in impossibility. I watched the video that I snagged those screenshots from and they that Alexandrine (even with a wrong move) killed 2 of the remaining heroes. Easily could have killed more if you watch it. You can face roll an Alexandrine into a Bera tank, keep Bera alive to sustain your Alexandrine, kill off the rest of their team, then any time Bera has a minion shes doing you a favor.

Also, the comments above had sense as well.

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Wish I could share the mp4 video I watched of this attack. They got that Alexandrine down to 400-500 hp multiple times before she was given the kisses of life from the Moth minions

The same thing goes for Skadi and Grimble. Get Skadi to take 5 Bera minions and you have won the match 95% of the time. The more minions that Grimble eats the more mana he gives to himself and his team - eat more than 10 minions and he is fully recharged and ready to go again, ad infinitum.

Minion makers have many powerful counters. Alexandrine has a more specific counter to the strongest minion maker. It is a very nice passive, but one that only impacts her as opposed to the other counters that impact the whole opposition or all teammates. It is similar to Noor’s self minion, although a more powerful version of it. I don’t think it needs any modification.


I’m obviously not a Dev but to me it is “working as intended”

Alexandrine has a passive ability to gain 10% healing every time she gains a status effect. With Bera, every single minion strike imparts the poison effect, its just that they don’t stack on each other so each new hit replaces the previous effect. Thus Alexandrine is able to gain a lot of health really quickly.

Now regarding comments about it “changing the META” or driving people away from using Bera Tanks, I think this is an exageration… (and this is coming from leading/ war counciling for one of the upper tiers of Alliances)

Yes she (specifically her ONLY) gains quite a lot of healing when facing Bera Tanks, HOWEVER, she is only 1 hero…
So while she may come thru clutch for herself, she isn’t actually helping her allies at all… she may be last woman standing but her ability doesnt impart any damage to the enemies, so relies entierly on tile damage… If you Mono, then she may eventually one day be able to win a fight on her own with the right tiles lining up. If you’re running a lesser colour stack (say 3-2 or 4-1) and she’s in the minority colour, chances are that you’ll just have a super super long fight which ends in a time-out…

So, in summary:

  • Yes I believe it is working as intended
  • No I highly doubt she will cause a META change
  • Nor do I think she is a “counter to Bera” tanks… She can survive herself but she in no way counters Bera.

Did you win the match tho?

Short answer for that screen shot, the offense still lost after struggling for a long time. Bera died and the minion heals were gone. Now suppose Bera didn’t die and the heals kept on coming? Well then you have a timeout which is a win for the defense. So for being a super counter to Bera, she really didn’t do anything.

Also this scenario is Alex alone vs all those Bera minions. In a 5v5 Alex won’t take that many hits and won’t be healing as much. Also she doesn’t cleanse the ailments.

I just don’t see why this is broken. What makes this auto win. Why this even cripples Bera? I would Argue Prof does more vs Bera then Alex does. Unless Ofcourse you are talking about just Alex vs Bera in which case, Alex isn’t killing anyone anytime soon


I found the original video :slightly_smiling_face:


No surprise there!

At some point you will have to get rid off the Bera’s minions in order to win the match.

And once they are out of the picture, your magical healing power loses its fuel.

And being “only” a healer, you need miracle board to take the opponents down before they slash you out.