Alexandrine – 5* Ice / Blue - September 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I’ve thrown out Vela for Alex and my scores against red titans went up. Like getting 55k when my team gets wiped out 30s before titan fight ends. She’s great there: avg speed healer and tile buffer in one. And I don’t have her even maxed (4/60). Wait till she has max level and some tasty talent nodes …


I use both Alexandrine and Jott on red titans. Pretty much same tactics as @Dorkus explained. My team is - Alexandrine/Athena/Frida/Jott/Wu. + bear/dragon banner of course. I believe that with Miki over Wu, it would be top or one of the top red titan teams, but unfortunately, I’m stuck with Wu.


Thanks for recording and posting. She is so much better than I thought. So glad I pulled her.

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