Alexandrine – 5* Ice / Blue - September 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Here are my thoughts on the new HOTM!


Maxed her not fully emblemed yet going def health attack

My first experiance is good, crit damage is working well, speed is also ok. She is healing at with an 11 mana troop for 172 health per status effect received. Her passive is the best perk she has i think.

I think her elemental link does not apply to her own special attack which is a but stupid design i think.


do you mind posting a video?

So a bera moth bite equates to 344 heal each time?

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Currently outside will post video later think with higher troops 200 heal should be possible.

Maxed her all def health attack


Yes 180 without elemental link, 198 with elemental link.

Recorded a first video that shows her strength. great offensive healer


Oh man, she looks great in this video. She saves the whole team. Her survivability os amazing. Hope I’ll get her.


thanks, I think she is definitely worth the mats


Yes. Her passive is great and very useful in current meta plagued with various status effects. 10% is quite good, not counting her element link and mana troop. Count in that it’s frequent to have 4 blue tiles on board and she is definitely worthvile.


I got her on my first challenge coin pull and am very pleased. She isn’t perfect, but since all my real 5* healers are slow mana she makes a very welcome addition. I also feel like all the hand wringing over her and Jott’s tile effects not stacking is a bit overblown. I would rather have these effects on different teams for mythic titans, and stacking them would be a bit of over kill on regular titans. Not to mention I don’t need to worry about mana on all five heros on my team…


Hi. Please tell me how you think she will be flanking Emilio who also heals.
Thank you in anticipation.

Cleanser healer is better option

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Pulled her from challenge token today. Really pleased, was going to really try to pull for her. But now that i have her, im not sure if i can use her particularly on my mono blue team. I run cKiril-magni-frida-fenrir-lepus and usually can win with 3 blue tile matches. I wan wondering if replacing ckiril or fenrir will make my team better. Any thoughts?


First thing I thought of

Thanks for the demo, it looks good. I’m seeing you did not put mana troop lvl23 on either Glenda or Alexandrine,… at 0:30, 9 tiles, only Magni mana ready.
She is good pair with Glenda if we do want cleanser :+1:
I get her on challange portal… she will be on my next level plan.


Alexandrine VS Ariel?

Ariel, no doubts whatsoever.

Got mana troop to late, will level it now for Alexandrine. Have Snow White and Glenda for cleansing so missing that in a healer is not an issue for me.


I would drop Fenrir, unless you figured out some use for him (I didn’t, he only annoyed me most of the time). Then you can either keep using double heal stack with Kiril or let him go and put someone else in his place.

Though at the point you can fire Alexandrine, you can also fire Frida/Lepus combo which is so devastating it doesn’t really matter who fires after that. She won’t make much difference on a match with no tiles, and if you have tiles, you don’t really need her all that much so… in my opinion you would see no significant difference to your mono performance.


I think it depends. If it’s Bera in opposing team I’d take Alexandrine.

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