Alexandria's first ever V1 tornado!


We are having our first ever to happen V1 storm over the Alexandrian coast of north Egypt.
Its looks awesome 15~20 KMs on the sea.
Edit: No one want to rent me a boat!
What a bad luck. :angry:

It will look like sailing in tge hurrican in Atlantis map.
Feel free to add ideas about Egyptian heroes or Alexandrian ones.
I see a new HOTM out there
Jedon the Alexandrian tornado hunter.
5☆ blue chance to revive a dead team mate and heal his team mates with a chance if mana incrase of 20% over 4 turns. :wink:


That sounds amazing Jedon, hope you are safe and well.

…but can you make it E&P relevant or the thread is way off topic?

Something to do with Atlantis? Give me something to work with


getting into a boat to chase tornadoes sounds like a very unwise thing to do. You do not know in which direction a tornado might suddenly move. Don’t do it, Jedon.


Its an off topic indeed … just like Birthdays wishes.
Dunno if its fit on forums or not tbh.
I am just preparing my stuff to go in this raid :slight_smile:
I just wanted to share my interstes with my friends bro.
Dunno if there is an off-topic section here.


Why not. I don’t fear the see … I swam in 7 meters wavs before and I was cool …
We believe tgat we don’t sink. And I haven’t heard if a sinking true Alexandrian man before.
Also very small tornado looks weaker than some thing I might fear of.
Sad thing that drone can not fly in this windy conditions.
Must be close shots then.


Given that some theories of Atlantis relate to Alexandria, perhaps we can make this tie in!

Plus, can we please make an appeal for Egyptian themed heroes? Amon-Ra, Horus, Anubis, Isis, Osiris? I’m drooling at the thought. I might even spend money to get them.


Well rescued!!

20 characters


Its over … cute torando gone
Got some cool shots but nothing close enough of what I wished to have.

I hope this wont be the same story with the Ideas of the heroes of old Egypt/Alexandria :thinking: