Alert us in chat when we have a new recruit

I’ve lost plenty of recruits over the past two years because they have joined and not been welcomed. Could we get an alert or even bubble over our chat when a new member arrives?

seems like a good idea, but also allow members to turn off the

You get a notice right in chat itself. If you miss that why wouldn’t you miss the alert?

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Exactly, in the alliance chat box it says [new member] joined. So you do get notified.
Maybe they aren’t leaving because they aren’t welcomed, they’re leaving for other reasons.
Like being titan mercs.

I don’t get a little bubble that says “1” above my alliance chat if I’m in global. The only way I know is if I switch back and forth or if somebody else says something. All I’m asking for is a bubble folks!

That only shows when you can see your Alliance chat box.

If there was a notification bubble that came up when you were raiding or farming. Then you could go welcome them, when you’d finished what you were doing, rather than carrying on oblivious to the new arrival.

That having been said, I do tend to agree with @Bwang the new recruits that blow through don’t usually stick around long enough to be welcomed as they are looking for something else

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