Alert for heroes when there’s AM enough to lvl

I woul like very much to have a new feature, showing on hero card an alert, when you have collected ascension material enough to bring it up to next tier.

I would find this alert annoying :slight_smile:


Haha I think you kinda know anyways what you need and don’t need to level your heros.
Like I was waiting about a month for a a sheild maybe longer and as soon as I saw pirates Had one cleared the event and leveled up.
Like on my mini I’m waiting on compasses I have few people at 3/60 but saving it for Mel.
I think most people say if they need 1 tonic are counting down the days till they can get one from the quest. Basically yah kinda know what yah waiting for :wink:

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I don’t need alerts, that would probably be annoying. But maybe have the heroes “lit up” in your roster? Like with the same animation you get when you pull a new costume.

I suspect that is really what OP had in mind, some indication on the card or hero itself.

I personally think once you’ve reached a certain level you are really only short the 4* mats and you really don’t need an alert because you know exactly how little of those you have. The alert would really only be of benefit for the first few months or so when you are just starting out with levelling heroes. After that I usually knew exactly what I was short at all times.

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Fair enough… but I’ve been playing for nearly 2 years now, and I have multiple heroes that I’ve left just “waiting for mats”, many of them need the same mats. I’ve been waiting so long on some of them that I’ve actually completely forgotten about them. Sturdy shields for example… once I finally get 4 of them again, I have probably half a dozen heroes who need them. Then it becomes a dilemma of “bring a 4* hero to 4/70 or a 5* hero to 3/70?”

Of course, since I already know I need sturdy shields - any time I pick one up, I’m immediately checking my roster anyway…

Would still be a neat feature to have. Not something I would prioritize as “you must do this now SG!”, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it.

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Yeah, “nice to have” but then again if you have a half dozen heroes waiting on the same sturdy shield and the alert shows up on all of them? I have a bunch of 5* at 3-70 waiting for tabards and rings. Then again, some I don’t intend on maxing anytime soon so alert is wasted on them.

What would be nicer is a way to prioritize a hero to “reserve” the AM for them until you have all you need.


Ohhh yeah that would be cool. Like feeding the heroes. Hero X has 3/4 hidden blades.

As long as it was also reversible. In case you pull a better hero later.

Gimme dem blades back!!!


Oh boy, a hero reset token would be awesome; I could fix a variety of ill considered decisions.

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They have this in Puzzle Combat, it’s really neither annoying nor helpful, it’s just there.

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I would use them in E&P. I don’t know Puzzle Combat. But I definitely have some E&P heroes that I’d like to un-ascend in favor of others.

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I mean, it’s helpful in the sense that you know from your roster screen who you have resources to ascend or not. And it’s not annoying because I’m relatively new and don’t have a ton of heroes that can be ascended, and usually ascend them as soon as I can anyway.


I could see this being less helpful as the roster fills up and more heroes get stalled at the mat wall, the blinking lights could just turn into a pile of flashing fireflies if you don’t like your choices for a while. Likewise, it could end up being very annoying when it gets to this messy point. But this is all speculation on my part.

So for now I just ignore it. My opinion will likely change as I progress, I rather hope it ends up being more helpful than annoying to be honest, ya know just cuz lol.

Just for clarity, how it works in the other game:
The roster screen is very similar to E&P; on each hero’s mini-card (bio? summary?) where it indicates the current star level for each hero, the next star in line will blink if all the needs are met to ascend that hero (all needed mats, food, and the hero maxed at the current level).

Just as an aside, it’s not impossible that this feature will appear in E&P someday. There’s already been a few features that were introduced first in PC and are later appearing here - the new chat UI for ingame support and the online indicator for alliance mates are two examples.

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I could see how it could get annoying. But I’ve learned to ignore flashing lights when I already know what they’re for.

I mean, if I can ignore 5 popups every time I log into the game… including the particularly annoying “invite a friend” one where it explains to me for the 50th time how to “invite a friend” to play the game, and I’m forced to click on everything step-by-step like… seriously, can we just please do away with that already? I already know how it works… if I had 50 more friends who don’t already play the game, and I thought they might enjoy it, I would have already invited them by now… and then a couple months later, I’d only have 10 friends left and 40 people who hated my guts for tricking me into downloading a “p2w casino” :rofl:


That side rant aside… I would like it if I could “borrow back” some of the ascension mats I gave to certain 4* heroes while I was waiting to pull other 4* heroes, just to have more variety in my roster. I have some 4/70 dupes that will probably just sit there forever unused because I already gave them compasses and such, and feeding them would be a total waste. Maybe there will be a situation some day when I might need 2 Chaos on my team? Hasn’t happened yet, but I’m not about to feed a fully maxed 4* to any other hero unless I can at least get those AMs back.


Yeah I guess we all have lol, good point


And I’ve learned not to ascend heroes just because I can… Go figure,

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Yeah, I’ve got a bunch of heroes sitting at the 3/60 or 3/70 mark because I have limited ascension mats, and do not want to just give them to the first hero who asks.

Made that mistake too many times already. I keep telling Obakan to return his tabards. He keeps insisting that he doesn’t know what happened to them. Grrr.

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