Aleph Null


Aleph Null has 3 openings for AW and 7-8* Titans. As an extra bonus, join now and help kill a rare 7* Titan for a chance at poison darts!

We’d love to add a few active players to what is already a great team. And you’ll definitely enjoy being a part of Aleph Null; I’ve been a member of dozens of guilds and alliances during more than two decades of online gaming, and this is easily one of the most helpful groups I’ve met.

We’re dedicated to building a great group of members but we also realize people have real life commitments, so all we ask is that you let us know if you’ll be offline for more than a few days. Otherwise, we’re here to have fun and support each other.

The alliance is currently open, so please feel free to join.



Still have a couple of openings if anyone is looking, though we added 2 players recently. Join up before we’re full again!


Still killing 100% of our 7* Titans and ~75% of our 8* and still looking for a couple of members. You don’t need to be 3500+ team strength; we’re happy to grow together as a team.



Currently have 2 openings if anyone is looking. Thanks!


Good to see the ol’ alliance still going strong.

Hopefully with the recent fix to alliance search you’ll now have a better chance of picking up people who are looking. The broken search was one of the most frustrating aspects when I was running things.

Hope you guys keep going from strength to strength. I miss the ol’ team (not the game, mind you… but the team :slight_smile: )


Thanks! I’ve heard really great things about you in game, though I wish I’d gotten the opportunity to play with you, too. I hope your enjoying life, though feel free to drop by and say “hello” anytime.