Aleph Null


Aleph Null has 3 spots open for active players. We’re currently on 7/8* Titans (about to defeat a rare 8*) and are doing well in AW, too. The group is helpful and knowledgeable with many longtime players.

Anyone who participates and meets the 1200 trophy requirement is welcome.


Updated on 2/17/19


Still have a couple of openings if anyone is looking, though we added 2 players recently. Join up before we’re full again!

Still killing 100% of our 7* Titans and ~75% of our 8* and still looking for a couple of members. You don’t need to be 3500+ team strength; we’re happy to grow together as a team.


Currently have 2 openings if anyone is looking. Thanks!

Good to see the ol’ alliance still going strong.

Hopefully with the recent fix to alliance search you’ll now have a better chance of picking up people who are looking. The broken search was one of the most frustrating aspects when I was running things.

Hope you guys keep going from strength to strength. I miss the ol’ team (not the game, mind you… but the team :slight_smile: )

Thanks! I’ve heard really great things about you in game, though I wish I’d gotten the opportunity to play with you, too. I hope your enjoying life, though feel free to drop by and say “hello” anytime.

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Please see updated original post. Thank you!

@beave we need you to pass leadership on please as others have left and we now need to decide what to do with the alliance.

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