Aleph Null - 1 place open - Relaxed Alliance facing 7* + 8* Titans

Why the heck would you want to join Aleph Null I hear you ask?

Well, to start it’s a really cool name. It’s the Littlest of the Infinities.

(Did that work for you? No? Damn… must try harder).

We are a 100k+ point Open Alliance who welcomes all sorts, including new or reasonably casual players who are bedding in to the game. A good home for those who just want a relaxed environment in which to take out 7* and 8* Titans with no pressure.

Entry Criteria
Our only entrance requirement is 800 cups (which we do not require you to maintain). It’s just to set an initial bar so we can get members that won’t be insta-killed by the Titans we face and can make some form of meaningful contribution.

There is no point joining an alliance if you’re not going to help out. All we ask is for you to take part in Titans and in the wars. Your contribution is judged more on the effort you put in rather than the results you achieve - i.e.) We don’t require you to score massively against Titans or in the war… we just ask that you give it a go. (You can see below in this post for my formal tracking criteria for this.)

We chat, but don’t spam. We don’t require or insist on Line or any other external chat tool. We have a mixture of languages and have global representation in the group, but English is the majority. Members are relaxed, friendly and helpful and chat is family-friendly.

Alliance Wars
We will ask you to submit a defence, and ask that you give it a go in attacks, but won’t pressure you to do so (as it just counts like a missed Titan if you skip it).
We are absolutely no walk-over in the wars… we’ve only lost 1 so far.

Give us a try.

Addendum For reference - The (formal) contribution policy:
I use this in my tracking to unambiguously qualify what ‘contribution’ means… I just find it easier/fairer this way as it is not subject to whim or perception.

  • Missing 5 consecutive Titans or 7 in the last 10 results in a kick for Member or demote for Elder… obvious exceptions if notified in advance.
  • Absence of 7 or more days without notification is kick for a member or demotion for an Elder.
    (Absence is not double-counted as Titan miss.)
  • Not contributing in attack in AW is counted like a missed Titan.
  • Average low contribution over time (even if not falling foul of any of the previous criteria) will be noticed and may result in delays in promotion or a parting of ways. We will of course notice if contribution improves.

(Edit 13 May)
1 place opened - which is fortunate… it means you can join. :slight_smile:

Come drop in and take part.

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Sorry for leaving, but I felt it was time to move on.

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S’okay - the part about ‘relaxed’ is truth. You’re welcome back if you can’t settle in to a good home elsewhere.
Otherwise always happy to take on new blood.

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(14th May)
Place still open. Give us a try - get in there in time for the wars. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of changing alliance once this titan is finished. I’m bored of fighting 4* and missing about half the 5*. I have a team power of about 3300 and trophies at around 1900-2100. Being playing since december and I’m level 32 so you can see I’m a bit addicted but FTP

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Hey Philip

Please do drop in and give the alliance a try. I am taking an indefinite break from the game, but that is for my own reasons - not related to the alliance. They are a great bunch and have gone from strength to strength. Still only 1 war loss on record since they started. I have passed leadership on to @Kermadec who is very experienced and has been committed to the game and the team since the get-go. I’m sure you’ll be made to feel welcome there.
(This alliance is the main reason I did not stop playing the game a good couple of months earlier!) :slight_smile:

Hi Little Infinity, how are you. KERM here, also known in real life as Yvette. I hope all is well with you, you were a great leader, measured and great protocols. I can understand anyone wanting to take an indefinite break, as this game can be very demanding on personal time. Thanks for your part in my experience of Aleph Null.

All the best, and thanks LI,

Yvette. :slight_smile:

(It goes without saying that if you ever feel like coming back we would love to see you again)…

Bye for now though…

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Thanks @Kermadec (Yvette) :slight_smile: I’m Ryan, in case you didn’t remember.

If interested or if you want to share with the clan, I outline my thoughts about my departure linked below.

Ping me by Line if you need to discuss how I did some of my tracking or if you just want a chat.

Line ID LittleInfinity00

RedPanda shared it in the alliance chat as well I believe.

Reminder, one Alliance Recruitment thread per alliance at a time. Let me know which one you want to keep. :slight_smile:

@kermadec to make the call… obviously. :slight_smile:

Kermadec will make a new thread.

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