Alchemy Lab (waste of a building)

I know a lot of people will argue with me, but I personally think this building is one of the worst creations in this game. It might be chance or luck, but every transmutation is such a waste of time of effort.

Just to give an example…Now you start to build it, takes forever to complete. Then research starts…takes a long time. After research, you feel like upgrading…still takes a long time. All of a sudden, you don’t have enough iron/food for upgrading/research, you then upgrade storeplaces & takes a very long time. Say all of your efforts & time for everything takes 12 days in total, now you feel like transmuting stuff. You throw i.e 15 Antidotes into the pot (15x950=14250 food) & start transmuting (costs 42000 food for transmute). It takes 2 hours to complete & you get an Alkashard & an Axe. Now…forget about the Alkashard, let’s take the Axe. It costs 11900 iron for an Axe which takes 3 min to complete at a Forge, but 2 hours & 42000 food with extra 14250 food (according to a Forge for 1 antidote, which 15 equals to 14250), so in other words, 56250 food in total.

In all fairness, to be honest, anything you upgrade or make bigger or even build more of is of great advantage for you as a player, which means you grow & become stronger. So one is “better off” by having an Alchemy Lab which takes 9 days to complete (at a certain lvl), 10+ mil in iron (for upgrades), 10+ mil in food (for research) & 2 hours per transmutation which costs another 42000 food for a stupid Axe than a Forge which creates it in 3min & 11900 iron…Now say you build a Forge from scratch, even at its lvl where you create Axes, will it not even cost as nearly as much as an Alchemy Lab, not even 25% of its total time & value.

Now…Why not make a building that creates Gems??? Why not a building that makes Costumes??? Why not a building that you can swop different items with players/team mates to help where he or she is struggling to get from???

Im sorry, but this Alchemy Lab is such a dumb building, I don’t see the need for it. Out of so many other ideas & being so far in the game, I just feel that if you go forward & grow stronger, then the time & effort should be rewarded with something that benefits you or your team


wrong,… not a lot of people, a little of people (maybe), actually nothing, no one has express positive with AL as I read in this forum community.

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Mergy, mergy, mergy :slight_smile:


Well, Alchemy Lab is not very useful, as of now. Personally I see it as a recycler or a garbage collector. It won’t be much of a use until we got some kind of inventory restriction. Like, many old players are sitting on 30k+ of herbs and 15k+ of books and not gonna do anything about that, because it is just a number. I think, SG need to implement a limit for inventory space, as with heroes. Wanna farm backpacks on atlantis rise? Get rid of books first. You could gem extra space or use alchemy lab to recycle your garbage - much like in real life.


I find that the gem building is a nice proposition, but SG will lose money with the offers in this case … Too bad, for the moment I have seen no one be happy with this building. Why do developers do nothing to satisfy players? We are already wasting our time updating everything in advanced buildings, I think that the least of things is to put the players well.


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