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Hello everyone, posting in a separate thread because this is a different discussion that comes from the October balance changes, but that is related to previous changes and should not lose its visibility into a 500 posts thread.

As we can all remember, Alchemy Lab was changed because its first version was not meeting players’ expectations. One of the changes was increasing the number of emblems you get from alkashards, and it made the Lab way more attractive to most of the players that invested several hours of builders, ham and iron to build up to lvl 10 to get the three simultaneous transmutations.

Now after the balances changes, all sources of emblems but the Lab are multiplied by two. Then, compared to the new market dynamics in the game, it is effectively decreasing the value of the Lab by two, making it closer to the 50 emblems for 10000 alkashards of the first version. I really think it is a bad proposition to laugh at your players that way, and that for the Lab to not lose its value the emblems should also be multiplied by two, or just 500 alkashards needed. Please @Petri and @Staff_SGG look into this, because I guess you do not want to re-do the AL in the next months because everybody feels betrayed and does not want to use it more, or because new players have no incentive building it. If you actually want the emblems to become more frequent as it is suggested by the balances changes, then AL should also be doubling its output.


My hunch is it’s accidentally been left off the release notes. After all, all other sources of emblems have been doubled.

Having said that, the updated AL has essentially been an emblem factory via shards. It could be that the devs think with such a huge increase in emblem availability elsewhere, by keeping the AL as it is it will enable players to use it more how it was intended originally. That is, a way to craft desired items from excess items, and as a 4* AM “slot machine”.


Hi @HappyHippo, you may be right about the devs thinking process, but I guess in that case they will face the crude reality that many of the player use it for emblems, and will stop using it if its value output gets reduced by half (versus current market).
AL is still too expensive in Ham for lots of players and they may want to stop losing it in transmutations that now will give little value if emblems are not multiplied.
Hopefully they will double the emblem output, or reduce the cost to get the 10 emblems.

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I couldn’t help but notice that with the October 2020 Balance Update, emblems received from pretty much every source except combining Alkashards has been doubled. Is it intentional that emblems received from combining Alkashards will be not doubled like it will be from all other sources? Or was this just an oversight?

@Guvnor @zephyr1 @JonahTheBard @Petri

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@DaveCozy has asked staff but was after hours (Helsinki time).


Thanks! Will be good to know before I combine all of my shards.

I wish I saw this thread before I started the next-level upgrade on my AL today. What a waste of 2500+k food if they aren’t increasing the emblem output of the AL like everything else!

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Everyone here:

All good?


Thank you for the feedback! We discussed this here and decided to increase the Emblem value in combining Alkashards as well. I updated the release notes to include this change.


Que quieres decir con que se ha aumentado el valor de los emblemas?

All sources of emblems in game will now give twice as much including alkashard with the new update.

Translation: Todo los emblemas que se consiguen en el juego seran el double incluyendo al combinar alkashards con la nueva version del juego.


Muchas gracias por la aclaración

Thank you @Petri . We really appreciate when you consider our feedback.


Whew! Thank you @Guvnor for checking and @Petri for the consideration and response!


I can’t find the details. So more emblems but mor shards needed?

I think what they’re saying is that the alkashards requirements remain unchanged, but instead of 10 emblems being offered when you redeem your alkashards, you’ll be offered 20 emblems. I guess we will see for sure tomorrow when the update goes live.

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Thank you @Petri
My lab is still lvl 3 , lets rush to lvl 5 to generate alkshards faster.

Damnit i just combined 1000 shards for emblems :persevere:

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Where’s the joke?

What epic failure? Is it on the side of the player?

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