Alchemy Lab Research & Transmute Negating/Impacting production?

I did a search, but found nothing recent or anything that addresses my question. I am currently running in the AL, Rare Ascend Mat, Rare Crafting Mat, and Researching Epic Ascend Mat.

I don’t know if I’ve made a mistake or not. With the RARE Ascend Mat I started transmuting and have 15 running, and the wait time says 101d… But I thought that even with more than 1 transmuting I’d still get a new mat every 7 days from the RARE Ascend option. That’s not happening. Am I going to have to wait THREE MONTHS PLUS to see any return?? The Rare Craft mat is transmuting regularly, which is great, but the Rare Ascend Mat one just churns and churns down the hours, but it’s not producing anything! It’s been at least 10 days since I started the Rare Ascend mats transmuting and I’ve seen nothing.

My question:

a) Is it possible the research of EPIC ascend is impacting/delaying production on RARE Ascend? I wouldn’t think so, but with my luck (I have an innate skill to F8ck up software and find bugs no one has ever heard of before) I could have done something in that arena. OR

b) Did I miss something in the instructions that says only transmute one Rare Ascend mat at a time? I can wait 109 days for 15 items, it will be an early Christmas present, BUT if I’m not going to get any of those 15 items because I got click happy, I’d like to know NOT to do it again.

TIA Cleo

That’s exactly what should happen. Every 7 days you should get your new mats and 1050 Shards. With the remaining time and transmutations you can easily calculate when the next transmutation should finish. If you get something then, great, if not you should probably contact the support.

Thank you!! Glad to know I"m not losing my mind. I’ll give a couple more days, but if nothing happens, I’ll contact support! Thanks for the reply. Cleo

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