Alchemy lab recipes

Are the Alchemy lab recipes available yet, for all levels? I want to see if it`s worth investing the iron into this building.


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you can find it here

I`ve seen that thread, but that only has the values from Beta. I was wondering if the real recipes have been posted anywhere…

i think its unchanged but will look for confirmation

I just seen this topic cause my husband was wanting to know if there is anything for Recipes in making a certain crafting material. Like I would know what to use to make Midnight Roots, Meter Fragments or even the Orichalcum Nugget. I know there is an Auto Fill button. But with the auto fill button you dont really know what you are getting when you do that. I would like to know how much to use of a certain thing to get the materials that I need.

There is an active Alchemy Lab thread:

Note that it is currently back in Beta for more testing / “improvements”

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