Alchemy Lab problem

I tried to add to my Alchemy Lab this evening and am unable to. The “+” button says I can add over 1700 but it’s greyed out and doesn’t do anything. The remove button works normally. I have tried closing and restarting to no avail.

I have plenty of food and crafting items. I’ve also had this at over 10 days, so its not maxed.

Any ideas?

By design. There is now a limit to the number of transmutations queable in the Alchemy Lab.

Version 34 release notes:

The memory thing is now an issue due to this change in V34 update:


Figures. We finally had a basically free extremely useful and effective food storage so SG crippled it.

Thanks for the clarification Guvnor

Perhaps you should re read why it was changed. They didn’t change it to spite you, believe it or not.

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